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Berry Bush
Wintergreen Berry BushBlueberry BushRaspberry BushStrawberry BushBlackberry BushBunchberry BushCranberry BushSnowberry BushElderberry BushGooseberry BushCloudberry Bush



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Berry bushes spawn naturally in the world. Bunchberry, Snowberry, Strawberry and Wintergreen bushes are relatively flat. Cloudberry, Cranberry and Gooseberry bushes are a little bit taller. Blackberry, Blueberry, Elderberry and Raspberry bushes are max size, with a height just short of the full block. Blackberry, Elderberry and Raspberry bushes can also stack to be more than 1 block tall. Simply break the block to pick it up, and right click with it on the top of a dirt, clay, peat or grass block to replant it.


Berry bushes can be propagated by placing 40 oz of the desired bush's berries in the middle of a Large Ceramic Vessel. Then, put at least 2 dirt of any type in every other slot of the vessel. Once the berry decays to 50% decay, a berry bush will replace the berry, and 1 dirt from every slot will be consumed. The vessel should be left unsealed in order to let the berry decay and for the bush to grow. If the vessel is sealed, a bush will not appear.

Spawning Requirements

Berry bushes can spawn in different areas depending on the climate.

Berry Bush Bio Temp Rainfall EVT
Grid Blackberry Bush.png Blackberry 5 to 25 125 to 4000 0.25 to 4
Grid Blueberry Bush.png Blueberry 5 to 25 125 to 1000 0.25 to 16
Grid Bunchberry Bush.png Bunchberry 0 to 20 125 to 2000 0.25 to 16
Grid Cloudberry Bush.png Cloudberry¹ 0 to 20 1000 to 8000 0.125 to 4
Grid Cranberry Bush.png Cranberry¹ 0 to 30 1000 to 8000 0.25 to 16
Grid Elderberry Bush.png Elderberry 5 to 25 250 to 2000 0.25 to 16
Grid Gooseberry Bush.png Gooseberry 5 to 25 250 to 2000 0.25 to 16
Grid Raspberry Bush.png Raspberry 5 to 25 250 to 2000 0.25 to 16
Grid Snowberry Bush.png Snowberry 0 to 20 250 to 4000 0.125 to 4
Grid Strawberry Bush.png Strawberry 5 to 25 500 to 2000 0.25 to 16
Grid Wintergreen Berry Bush.png Wintergreen Berry 0 to 20 500 to 4000 0 to 1

¹Cloudberry and Cranberry bushes only spawn on peat, making them extremely rare to find.


When the berry bush is in season and within the correct temperature range, it can produce a new piece of fruit about 1 month after the last piece has been harvested. Each berry has a different lifespan, at which point the fruit will be deleted off of the bush. To harvest the fruit, simply right-click the bush and the fruit will drop. All berry bushes drop pieces of fruit ranging from 3 to 8 oz in weight.

Harvest Schedule

Berry Temperature Berry Lifespan Spring Late Spring Early Summer Summer Late Summer Early Autumn Autumn Late Autumn
Grid Blackberries.png Blackberry 0 to 30 2 months
Grid Blueberries.png Blueberry 0 to 32 2 months
Grid Bunchberries.png Bunchberry 0 to 18 2 months
Grid Cloudberries.png Cloudberry 0 to 18 2 months
Grid Cranberries.png Cranberry 2 to 18 3 months
Grid Elderberries.png Elderberry 0 to 28 2 months
Grid Gooseberries.png Gooseberry 0 to 28 2 months
Grid Raspberries.png Raspberry 0 to 30 2 months
Grid Snowberries.png Snowberry 0 to 18 3 months
Grid Strawberries.png Strawberry 0 to 27 2 months
Grid Wintergreen Berries.png Wintergreen Berry -18 to 28 5 months


78.0Added berry bushes.
81.7Berry bushes can now be made in large vessels the same way fruit saplings are produced.


  • Blackberry and Raspberry bushes deal damage to players and mobs in a manner similar to cactus.
  • Blackberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Gooseberry and Raspberry bushes slow mobs and players by 30%.


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