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A wild patch of rye.
Grid Banana.png Grid Blackberry.png Grid Blueberry.png Grid Bunchberry.png Grid Cherry.png Grid Cloudberry.png Grid Cranberry.png Grid Elderberry.png Grid Gooseberry.png Grid Green Apple.png Grid Lemon.png Grid Olive.png Grid Orange.png Grid Peach.png Grid Plum.png Grid Raspberry.png Grid Red Apple.png Grid Snowberry.png Grid Strawberry.png Grid Wintergreen Berry.png
Grid Barley (Harvest).png Grid Cabbage (Harvest).png Grid Carrot (Harvest).png Grid Garlic (Harvest).png Grid Greenbean (Harvest).png Grid Maize (Harvest).png Grid Oat (Harvest).png Grid Onion (Harvest).png Grid Potato (Harvest).png Grid Green Bell Pepper (Harvest).png Grid Red Bell Pepper (Harvest).png Grid Rice (Harvest).png Grid Rutabaga (Harvest).png Grid Rye (Harvest).png Grid Soybean (Harvest).png Grid Squash (Harvest).png Grid Tomato (Harvest).png Grid Wheat (Harvest).png Grid Yellow Bell Pepper (Harvest).png