Unshaped Metal

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Unshaped metal is the purified, unworked form of metal.


Creating Unshaped Metal

Melting ore in a Ceramic Vessel or a Crucible produces unshaped metal, which can then be emptied into a Ceramic Mold. Heating any form of worked metal (ingots, double ingots, etc.) to their melting point will also produce unshaped metal if there is are ceramic molds available to hold the liquid metal.

Incomplete Unshaped Metal

If you don't have enough liquid metal to fill a ceramic mold completely, the unshaped metal will appear with a green bar, approximating how full the mold currently is. Incomplete unshaped metals may not be worked, but you may add more liquid metal in the future to fill the mold, craft multiple incomplete molds together to create a single full one, or transfer the metal in the mold to another by heating the incomplete unshaped metal to a liquid state.

Note: If you have two incomplete molds with enough metal to make more than a single unshaped metal within them, crafting them into a single, complete unshaped metal on a crafting grid will result in the excess metal being lost permanently.

Storing Unshaped Metal

Unshaped metal is small enough to be stored in chests, and may be stacked once cool. Incomplete Unshaped Metal may not be stacked.

Using Unshaped Metal

Unshaped metal may be used in two ways; it may be worked into ingots on an anvil, or heated to a liquid state and used in a Crucible to make alloys.