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The Bone Needle can be made by holding one or more bones and attempting to break a Stone Block. This will shatter the Bone, returning Bone Fragments, and occasionally the Bone Needle.

The Iron Needle is made from Wrought Iron at an Anvil.

Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Wrought Iron Ingot
Iron Needle
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png


Needles are primarily used in Sewing. Before they can be used to sew, they must be threaded with any type of string, including sinew. In the Sewing interface, the player must use the needles' tips to sew the lines required by left-click dragging on the pattern. Once a line is sewn, it can be removed by right-click dragging with any type of Knife.

The Bone Needle has a 12.5% chance to break when it runs out of thread, but the Iron Needle does not. The Iron Needle also has more durability before it runs out of string.

Bug: currently (v0.83.6) if you run out of thread on an Iron Needle and have no more string/sinew in the crafting grid to refill it, your Iron Needle breaks/bugs-out instead of becoming an un-threaded Iron Needle. So always have extra string/sinew in the sewing UI grid when sewing!

Sinew Bone Needle Thread
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bone Needle

Bone Needles can also be used to craft the Fishing Rod.

Pole Linen String Fishing Rod
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Linen String Bone Needle


Breaking a bone on a stone to receive Bone Fragments and Bone Needles


0.80.12Added the Bone and Iron Needle.
0.80.15Changed the Fishing Rod recipe to require the Bone Needle.
0.81.0Changed the Fishing Rod recipe again, making it possible to make with a 2x2 grid.
0.82.3Fixed a crash related to running out of thread.
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