Fishing Rod

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Fishing Rod
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The Fishing Rod is crafted with a Pole, a Bone Needle, and two non-sinew String.

Pole Linen String Fishing Rod
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Linen String Bone Needle


Fishing rods can be used to catch Fish. The first step to catch a fish is to locate the fish that you want to catch. Fishes spawn in oceans, lakes and rivers, and are abundant in Coral Reefs. The fish caught while fishing are the actual fish mobs; thus, in order to successfully catch fish, the player must find actual fish mobs.

The durability bar of a fishing rod represents the amount of line left on it. A newly crafted fishing rod will not have a full durability bar. Line can be added to the fishing rod by crafting it with any type of string. A fishing rod also requires a hook to function. A Bone Needle can be used as a hook for a fishing rod, and is added by crafting it together with the fishing rod.

Add line Add hook Add both line and hook
Fishing Rod No Line Linen String Fishing Rod No Hook
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Fishing Rod No Hook Bone Needle Fishing Rod
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Fishing Rod No Line Linen String Fishing Rod
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bone Needle

The lure of the fishing rod can be sent out by Rmb.png Right Clicking, and can be sent further by holding Rmb.png Right Click. Holding Rmb.png Right Click while the line is still cast will draw it in. If all the line has been sent out, and the lure has not landed in water or onto a block, the line and the hook will be lost. Switching to a different item in the hotbar while the line is out will also cause the line to break and cause any line that has been sent out to be lost.

Fish mobs will swim towards the cast lure of the fishing rod naturally. Once a fish has taken the bait, the bobber will go underwater, and the player will be notified with a chat message. The player will then have to fight the fish in order to tire it enough to bring it back to shore, while avoiding snapping the line of the fishing rod. The process of fighting the fish is similar to a game of tug-of-war, with the fish pulling on the other side of the line. The player's XP bar will change to represent the tension on the line. Exceeding the amount of tension the line can take will cause the line to break. When a player holds Rmb.png Right Click on the rod, the fish will be pulled closer. The fish will try to escape in bursts, increasing the tension on the line. The fish will eventually become exhausted, making it easier for the fish to be pulled closer. The fish will get exhausted faster when the tension on the line is higher. The goal is to keep enough tension on the line without letting the tension go too high until the fish exhausts itself. Smaller fish cannot resist the tension completely, and will be reeled in despite trying to escape, while larger fish must be exhausted before they can be reeled in. When the player has managed to pull the fish onto land, the fish will die and drop a quantity of meat proportionate to its size.


0.80.15The fishing rod now requires a bone needle to be crafted.
0.81.0The fishing rod can now be crafted in the 2x2 grid.
Added custom rendering for fishing rods.
0.83.5The fishing rod now has a limited amount of line and can break.
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