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Cotton YarnLinen StringSilk StringSinewWool Yarn

Yes, 64






terrafirmacraftplus:item.Linen String
terrafirmacraftplus:item.Silk String
terrafirmacraftplus:item.Wool Yarn

Strings are made from plant or animal fibers, twisted to add strength. They can be crafted into Cloth.


Flax, Cotton, and Wool Fibers can be crafted into Linen String, Cotton Yarn, or Wool Yarn by placing them in the crafting grid with a Spindle.

Cotton Yarn Linen String Wool Yarn
Spindle Cotton Cotton Yarn6
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Spindle Flax Fiber Linen String4
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Spindle Wool Wool Yarn8
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Straw cordage can be made by right clicking while holding 5 straw. It is currently only used to make Splints.

Flat Straw title= Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw title= Straw Cordage
Flat Straw title= Flat Straw title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw title= Flat Straw title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw title= title= title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw

Strings cannot made from Jute or Sisal Fibers.

Silk String and Sinew are not crafted. Silk String drops from Spiders and Sinew drops from animals such as Aurochs, Mouflon, Boar, Deer, Bear, and Wolf.


Linen, Cotton, Silk, and Wool string can be used to craft Cloth on the Loom

Cotton Cloth Linen Cloth Silk Cloth Wool Cloth
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cotton Cloth
Cotton Yarn20
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Linen Cloth
Linen String18
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Silk Cloth
Silk String24
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Wool Cloth
Wool Yarn16

Any string can be used as thread for the Bone Needle or Iron Needle, used for the grip in the Unstrung Bow recipe and for the drawstring in the Bow recipe, or used to craft a Nametag.

Threaded Bone Needle Unstrung Bow Bow Nametag
Sinew Bone Needle Thread
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bone Needle
Pole Stone Knife Bow Unstrung
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Sinew Bow
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bow Unstrung
Marking Paper Nametag
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Cotton Yarn
Grid layout Shapeless.png

The non-Sinew strings (Linen, Cotton, Silk, and Wool) can be used for crafting a Fishing Rod, to string the Composite Bow, to make Candles, or used to create and hang food to smoke or dry in the Smoke Rack.

Fishing Rod Composite Bow
Pole Linen String Fishing Rod
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Linen String Bone Needle
Composite Bow (Unstrung) Linen String Composite Bow
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Any non-Sinew string can be used to create Candles.

WaxGauge.png 200 mB
Linen String Grid layout Arrow (small).png Unlit Candle

Strings cannot be placed on the ground or between Tripwire Hooks as in vanilla Minecraft.


Sinew (aka: tendon) is extremely tough when dry, but becomes soft and slippery when wet. For this reason, it is not used in the crafting recipe for the fishing rod. Sinew also has no Fiber or Cloth form.

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