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CottonFlax FiberJute FiberSisal FiberWool

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terrafirmacraftplus:item.Flax Fiber
terrafirmacraftplus:item.Jute Fiber
terrafirmacraftplus:item.Sisal Fiber


Fibers are collected from plants or animals and can be crafted into useful items like Rope or String. Cotton fiber is harvested directly from mature Cotton Plants in the form of Cotton Bolls. Flax and Jute fibers are obtained by sealing Flax or Jute plants into a Barrel of Fresh Water for 8 hours. Sisal fiber is crafted by crafting Agave with a Knife in the crafting grid. Wool fiber is obtained by shearing a Mouflon or Sheep by clicking Rmb.png Right Click while holding a Knife or Shears. Sheepskin crafted with a Knife will give Wool and Raw Hide.

Flax Fiber Jute Fiber
Fresh WaterGauge.png 200 mB
Flax Grid layout Arrow (small).png Flax Fiber
8 hours

Fresh WaterGauge.png 200 mB
Jute Grid layout Arrow (small).png Jute Fiber
8 hours

Sisal Fiber Wool
Agave Stone Knife Sisal Fiber
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stone Knife Wool
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Jute and Sisal fibers can be woven into Burlap Cloth on the Loom. They do not need to be crafted into String first.

Burlap Cloth
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Burlap Cloth
Jute Fiber12

Flax, Jute and Sisal Fibers can also be crafted into Rope by holding at least five of the item in your hand and Rmb.png Right Click on a block. This immediately consumes 5 of the fiber and returns one Rope. Warning: Holding down Rmb.png Right Click will rapidly craft one Rope after another. It is possible to use up a stack of Fibers very quickly this way.

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rope
Jute Fiber5

Craft by right-clicking a block
with 5+ fiber in hand.

Cotton, Flax, and Wool fibers can be crafted into String with the Spindle.

Cotton Yarn Linen String
Spindle Cotton Cotton Yarn6
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Spindle Flax Fiber Linen String4
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Wool Yarn
Spindle Wool Wool Yarn8
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png


Silk does not have a fiber. It drops from Spiders as String. Jute and Sisal are the only fibers that can be used on the Loom without being crafted into String first.

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