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Steps to create a Kiln


The Kiln (also known as the Beehive Kiln, or Large Kiln) is built with at least 48 solid blocks, at least one Chimney block, three Log Piles and one Firepit. Any solid, non-flammable block can be used to build the kiln.

The solid blocks can be raw or polished stone, sand, gravel, dirt, cobblestone, bricks, or mudbricks. Glass Blocks, Trapdoors, Wooden Doors, and Stone Walls will not work.


Place three log piles in a row. The log pile that is placed right in the middle of the kiln structure should be full (16 logs), and the other two log piles should only have 1 log each. Place 3 solid blocks along both side of the log piles, and then a solid block at the end of the full log pile. You can line up more than three log piles if you wish the fireplace to be farther away from the kiln block. Every one of these log piles should only have one log.

Surround the full log pile with a 3x3 floor, leaving an air block in the middle directly over the full log pile. Place a solid block over the last, 1-log, log pile at the opposite side from the full log pile.

Place 2-high walls of 3 solid blocks surrounding the 3x3 floor on all four sides. Then, place a 3x3 ceiling of solid blocks, with 1 chimney block in the middle, directly over the full log pile. One can optionally place additional chimney blocks above the one in the middle of the ceiling to make the fire particles easier to see while the kiln is firing. The Kiln is now complete.

Alternate design: The Firepit can be placed where the third Log Pile at the base of the kiln (1 Log) is supposed to go. This saves 1 log per firing. It is unknown if this is a bug or is intended.


The kiln is a multi-block structure that is used for firing clay pottery. It can fire 32 items at a time, compared to 4 items in the Pit Kiln. It also does not use Straw and uses less wood per item than the Pit Kiln.

Clay pottery items can be placed on the 8 tiles inside the firing chamber for a total of up to 32 clay items. Once the items are inside and the Kiln is sealed, light the Kiln by building a firepit in front of the exposed log pile. The log piles will catch fire and fire particles will show above the Chimney block. After 18 in-game hours the fire particles will stop and the log piles will be consumed. Break open the Kiln to collect your ceramic items. When relighting the Kiln, new log piles must be placed. The Firepit can be broken and a new one made or add a piece of fuel (log or stick) to the existing one and re-light it to light the Kiln.

The fire particles that rise from the chimney block will damage the player and light flammable blocks on fire. For this reason, it is advisable not to have trees near the kiln.


Plastered Planks, Melon, Pumpkin, and Snow Blocks can also be used for the structural parts of the Kiln.


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