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Musical instruments are a type of item that can be played to create sound. Currently, none of the instruments have any practical use. Playing held instruments will slow down the player.

Note that some cheaper keyboards can only detect up to 3 held keys at once; this means that certain notes may be impossible to make.

Bone Flute


Bone Flutes are made from Hollow Bones. Hollow Bones are an uncommon drop from Pheasants and Chickens. Crafting a Hollow Bone with any type of Knife has a 1 in 4 chance of creating a Bone Flute. This will also produce Bone Fragments and Bone Meal.

Bone Flute
Bone Meal
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Hollow Bone Stone Knife


Bone Flutes are woodwind instruments. They can be played by Rmb.png Right Clicking while they are held. Different notes can be played by playing the Bone Flute while holding down any combination of the F, G, H, J, and B keys (as well as none of them). The Bone Flute's pitch ranges from F#3 to C#6.

To play a particular note, the following keys must be held down:

Keys Note
JB C#4
B D4
F H B F4
FG B F#4
F B G4
G B G#4
H B A4
F HJ C#5
F J D#5
G J E5
J F5
GH G#5
F H A5
FG A#5
F B5
G C6
H C#6



The Drums can be crafted with Leather, two Strings and either a Barrel for a large drum, or a Wooden Bucket for a small drum.

Large Drum
Leather Grid layout Arrow (small).png Large Drum
Linen String Barrel (Acacia) Linen String
Small Drum
Leather Grid layout Arrow (small).png Small Drum
Linen String Wooden Bucket Linen String


Drums are percussive instruments. They can be played by placing them on the ground and then either left-clicking or right-clicking them. Large Drums create a lower pitched sound, while small drums create a higher pitched one.

If Drums are set side-by-side, the player can easily play the drums that are on the left or the right side of the highlighted drum. Pressing the F key, and Lmb.png Left Clicking will play the drum on the left side of the drum highlighted. Likewise, pressing the G key, and Rmb.png Right Clicking will play the drum on the right side of the drum highlighted.

Holding exactly two sticks while playing the drums will produce a different sound. While holding two sticks, a rimshot can be performed by pressing the H key while clicking on the drums.

⇧ Shift + Rmb.png Right Clicking a drum will tune the drum, which will cause it to produce a different set of sounds when played.

As of version 0.83.6, there is a longstanding bug with Drums where they will not create any sound until another instrument is played.



The Lyre is crafted in two stages. First, an Unstrung Lyre is crafted with a stick and three Lumber. Then, the lyre can be crafted with the unstrung lyre and five matching Strings.

Unstrung Lyre
Lumber (Acacia) Stick Lumber (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Unstrung Lyre
Lumber (Acacia)
Unstrung Lyre Linen String Grid layout Arrow (small).png Lyre
Linen String Linen String
Linen String Linen String


The Lyre is a stringed instrument. It can be played by Rmb.png Right Clicking. Unlike other instruments like the Bugle, all the strings will be played by default. The Lyre works by muting strings using the F, G, H, J, and B keys while playing it. For example, if the F, G, H, and B keys are held, the string represented by J will be played.



The Bugle is made by smithing Brass on an Anvil. A Brass Sheet can be worked into a Brass Tube, which can then be made into the Bugle.

Brass Tube
Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Brass Sheet
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png
Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Brass Tube
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png


The Bugle is a simple brass musical instrument. Like its real life counterpart, the Bugle is able to play five notes: C3, G3, C4, E4, and G4. In game, the Bugle is played by holding down one of the F, G, H, or J keys (or none of them), then Rmb.png Right Clicking.

Despite the limitations of the instrument, the Bugle can be used to create complex melodies. Because it equates directly to the real life instrument, real melodies like Reveille can be played in game.

Note Key held
C3 (none)
G3 F
C4 G
E4 H
G4 J

Blowing Horn

The Blowing Horn is crafted using a Knife and a Horn, which is an uncommon drop from male Aurochs. It can be played by Rmb.png Right Clicking. The pitch or note cannot be changed.

Blowing Horn & Horn Tip
Stone Knife Blowing Horn
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Conch Horn

The Conch Horn is crafted from a Seashell that must be of the conch variety. The Conch Horn can be directly crafted back into a seashell. Similar to the Blowing Horn, right-clicking the conch will produce a sound and the pitch or note cannot be changed.

Conch Horn
Conch Conch_Horn
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Ceramic Jug

The Ceramic Jug is not primarily an instrument. However, when the jug is empty, right-clicking will blow a note determined by the vertical angle that the player is looking. A low angle will produce a note of a low pitch, while a high angle will produce a note of high pitch. Right-clicking a block will not produce a sound.


0.80.16Added the Bone Flute, Small and Large drums, and the Lyre.
0.80.17Added the Blowing Horn, Bugle, and Conch.


  • The tuning of the Lyre is based on the Ancient Greek pentatonic scale.
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