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A dirt road and a stone road made of Marble side by side

Roads are a type of utility block that provide a speed boost to players or entities on top of them.

There are two types of roads, the Dirt Road, and the Stone Road. Rmb.png Right Clicking with a Shovel of any type on Dirt will create a Dirt Road.

To create a Stone Road, gravel, mortar, and cobblestone must be applied to the Dirt Road. First, gravel is applied to the Stone Road by Rmb.png Right Clicking on the Dirt Road while holding a block of Gravel. The type of Gravel does not affect the final appearance of the road. Next, mortar must be applied to the road by Rmb.png Right Clicking on the road with a Trowel while Mortar is in the player's hotbar. Finally, Rmb.png Right Clicking with a block of Cobblestone will create a Stone Road. The Cobblestone will determine the color of the road made.

Right clicking on any road will create a half block. This action is not reversible unless the player breaks the road, which will return all the components of the road.


Roads provide a speed boost to players or entities on top of them. The amount of speed boost provided depends on the type of road and the weather. The speed boost provided by roads can stack with other speed boosts, such as those from the Wooden Staff and Footwear.

Dirt roads multiply movement speed by 105% in clear weather.

When it is raining, dirt roads multiply movement by 89.25% instead. This represents the road becoming muddy and harder to walk on.

Stone roads multiply movement speed by 115% regardless of the weather.

Roads that are partially upgraded between dirt and stone (eg: mortar and or gravel has been placed, but not stone) do not give any speed bonus.

The speed bonus from roads does not apply to riding horses.


  • The texture of stone roads are inspired by Roman roads.


0.84.0Fixed bug where there was no Speed bonus for full-height road blocks.
0.83.0Added dirt and stone roads.


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