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Straw can be obtained by breaking tall grass found throughout the world with a Knife, a Stone Flake, or a Scythe. Each block of tall grass broken will yield a single piece of Straw. Straw is also produced as a byproduct when refining Grains.

Straw can also be recovered from its block form, Straw Blocks.

Straw Block Straw4
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Straw can be crafted into Straw Blocks.

Straw Straw Straw Block
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Straw Straw


Eight pieces of straw are required in combination with eight logs in order to fill a Pit Kiln.


A piece of straw can be added, along with 3 sticks when using a firestarter to increase the chance of successfully starting a fire.


Straw is crafted with a Stick and Resin to make unlit Torches.

Stick Straw Extinguished Torch
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Rmb.png Right Click on a lit torch or lit firepit, or place and Rmb.png Right Click with a firestarter or flint and steel to light the torch.

Grass Clothing

Straw can be crafted into various pieces of basic clothing by holding 5 or more pieces and right-clicking the ground to bring up the crafting interface.


The Straw Basket is an early-game non-movable storage container. To craft it, right-click the ground while holding 5 or more straw in your hand.

Straw Basket

Flat Straw title= title= title= Flat Straw title= Straw Basket
Flat Straw title= title= title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw title= title= title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw title= title= title= Flat Straw
Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw Flat Straw


77.0Added straw. Obtained by breaking tall grass with a knife or scythe and refining grains.
Added pit kiln, requires 16 straw.
78.0Made pit kiln only one block deep. Uses 8 straw and 8 logs instead of 16.
78.17Thatch blocks can be converted back into straw.
0.80.12Added grass clothing.
0.83.3Torch recipe changed to require Straw + Stick + Resin.

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