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This page needs to be updated for the newest version of TFC+.
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The Biome determines the shape of the terrain and basic temperature and Rainfall guidelines. Unlike in vanilla, it does not directly define tree and plant growth. Instead, Regions and Climate determine the trees and plants that will spawn in an area.

Biome Types

There are 8 Main Biomes and 5 Technical Biomes. Biomes are pseudo-randomly generated using the map seed. Main biomes provide the general shape of the terrain along with the altitude. Technical biomes provide smoother transitions between main biome types, or introduce extra custom features within a main biome, such as rivers, beaches and border areas.

Main Biomes

Name Description Images
Ocean An extremely large, open biome made entirely of water, with underwater relief on the sea floor, such as small mountains and plains, usually including dirt, sand and clay. Small islands with infrequent vegetation can be found in oceans. Squid will also spawn in the water. Oceans can also be generated as technical biomes, appearing as deep ponds on beaches. Biome Ocean.png
Plains A relatively flat biome. Biome Plains.png
High Plains Similar to the Plains biome but at a higher altitude. Biome High Plains.png
Swamp A biome characterized by a mix of flat, dry areas around the sea level and shallow pools of water with floating lily pads. Peat, clay, sand, and dirt are commonly found at the bottom of these pools. The colors of the water, grass, leaves, and vines are much darker than in other biomes. Mushrooms and reeds are very abundant. Biome Swamp.png
Mountains Can reach as high as y = 230. Biome Mountains.png
Rolling Hills Similar to the Plains biome, with slightly more hilly terrain reaching up to y = 155 Biome Rolling Hills.png
High Hills Similar to the Mountain biome but not as high. Biome High Hills.png
Mountain Range Mountain Ranges develop at the edges of Regions and serve as markers between them.
Shore Generated between the beach and ocean biomes, shores are more shallow than the ocean they transition to. Several types of Fish and Coral Reefs generate here.
Salt Swamp Generated where the swamp and ocean biomes meet. It is the only biome where Mangrove Trees spawn.

Technical Biomes

Name Description Images
River A biome that consists of water blocks that form in an elongated, curving shape similar to a real river. Rivers cut through terrain or separate the main biomes. They attempt to join up with ocean on the other side, but will sometimes loop around to the same area of ocean. Rarely, they can have no connection to the ocean and form a circle. They have no current. Riverbeds may sometimes generate Clay. These biomes may spawn fish. Biome River.png
Beach Generated on the edges of oceans, beaches are composed of sand. Unlike in vanilla, reeds do not generate on beaches. Biome Beach.png
Gravel Beach Much like a regular beach, but composed of gravel. Biome Gravel Beach.png
Lake A large pool of fresh water. Biome Lake.png
Shore Generated on the edge of oceans and beaches. The underwater terrain here is shallower than the surrounding ocean, and provides a shallower descent to the bottom of the ocean. Additionally, Coral Reefs may generate on the edge between the shore and the ocean.
Salt Shore Generated when a swamp meets a shore biome.
Edge Provide smoother transitions between main biome types. Currently there are High Hills, Rolling Hills, and Mountain Edge biomes. N/A
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