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Climate is a combination of Ambient Temperature, Rainfall, Evapotranspiration (EVT), and Biome which determines the spawning of Animals upon chunk creation. The determination of the climate is based off of the average temperature and Rainfall value for the area, and not the current values. This means that it does not matter what time of year the chunk is generated, it will always be the same climate.

Currently there is no way to determine exactly which climate the player is in other than referencing the average biome temperature and Rainfall values on the Debug Screen (Default: F3). The climate names listed in this chart are simply general words used to describe areas with that kind of climate. Most of these names do not show up anywhere in the game, or on the debug screen. (i.e. A player knows they are in a boreal forest when the average temperature reads -15, and the Rainfall is 300. The debug screen will not say "Boreal Forest.")

Note: Some of the climate parameters overlap, meaning that an area can be considered more than one climate. For example, an area with a biome of rolling hills, a temperature of 15, and a Rainfall value of 300 satisfies both the plains and the temperate forest requirements. This means that cows, horses, pigs, wolves, bears, deer and pheasants can all spawn in that area.

Climate Biome Temperature Rainfall EVT Mobs
Mountains Mountains, High Hills -10 to 25 Greater than 250 Less than 0.75 Grid Bear.png Bear Grid Sheep.png Sheep¹ Grid Wolf.png Wolf
Plains Not Mountains, nor High Hills 0 to 30 100 to 500 Any Grid Cow.png Cow Grid Horse.png Horse
Warm Plains Not Mountains, nor High Hills 20 to 30 100 to 500 Any Grid Cow.png Cow Grid Horse.png Horse Grid Pig.png Pig
Temperate Forest Any 0 to 21 Greater than 250 Any Grid Bear.png Bear Grid Deer.png Deer Grid Pheasant.png Pheasant Grid Pig.png Pig Grid Wolf.png Wolf
Boreal Forest Any -20 to 0 Greater than 250 Any Grid Bear.png Bear Grid Deer.png Deer Grid Pheasant.png Pheasant Grid Pig.png Pig Grid Sheep.png Sheep Grid Wolf.png Wolf
Taiga Any -20 to 0 100 to 250 Any Grid Deer.png Deer Grid Wolf.png Wolf
Jungle Any 23 to 44 Greater than 1500 Any Grid Chicken.png Chicken Grid Pig.png Pig
Swamp Swamp 3 to 33 Greater than 1000 Any Grid Pheasant.png Pheasant Grid Pig.png Pig
If the values of an area do not fit into any of these categories, no animals will spawn there.

¹Sheep only require the biome and temperature values in order to spawn in a mountains climate. Rainfall and EVT do not matter.

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