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A drying rack

To construct a Drying Rack, place two 2-high columns of solid blocks 1-5 blocks apart. Then, Rmb.png Right Click on one of the solid blocks while holding 1-5 String -one string for each block between the columns.

To use the Drying Rack as a Smoke Rack, simply build a Firepit on the ground below the line. The Firepit will smoke food hanged in the two blocks directly above it and food hanged one block to each side. 2 Firepits are needed cover a line that is 4 or 5 blocks long.


The Smoke Rack (or Drying Rack) is a multiblock structure that allows for the drying or smoking of raw meats and cheeses, or the drying of wet Clothing. Two 160oz stacks of raw meat or cheese can be hanged on each block of line. Every stack of food uses one String (not Sinew) from your inventory to attach the food to the line. This String is not returned when the food is removed.


Raw meat, cheese, or wet clothing will begin to dry once attached to the rack. Drying happens whether the rack has an active Firepit or not. It takes 4 in-game hours to complete.

If Clothing is left hanging while it rains, the clothes will get wet again.

Drying reduces the decay rate of food by 75% (applies a decay modifier of 0.25).


Area above a Firepit where Food can be smoked

If there is an active Firepit nearby, the raw meat or cheese on the rack will begin to be smoked as well as dried (if not already dried). The firepit needs to be kept active for the whole smoking process, which takes 12 in-game hours to complete (for reference: Hickory, Maple, and Oak all burn for 2+ hours so only need 6 logs to complete the smoking and Peat burns for 2.5 hours and only needs 5).

Smoking reduces the decay rate of food by an additional 25% (applies an additional decay modifier of 0.75 which multiplies by the "dried" modifier of 0.25 for a total decay modifier of 0.1875 for Smoked Dried Food).

A Firepit will smoke dried Food hung in the 2 blocks directly above it, and also in the 8 blocks that are horizontally adjacent to these 2 blocks.

Drying Clothing

Wet or damp Clothing can be hanged on the Drying Rack. No string is needed. In clear weather, the Clothing will dry out. If they are hanging in the rain, the Clothing will not dry, and dry Clothing will become damp.


0.79.0Added the smoke rack for smoking and drying foods. Foods must be brined before they can be smoked.
0.79.7Fixed smoke rack rendering and insta-drying on racks.
0.79.26Use verbs instead of nouns in the WAILA display to make it clearer that smoking is in progress.
0.81.6Food does not need to be brined to be smoked anymore
0.82.2Fixed silk string not being consumed when used on a smoke rack
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