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Bellows are crafted with Lumber and Leather. The lumber can be mixed and matched from any type of tree.

Lumber (Ash) Lumber (Aspen) Lumber (Birch) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bellows
Leather (TFC) Leather (TFC) Leather (TFC)
Lumber (Chestnut) Lumber (Douglas Fir) Lumber (Hickory)


Grid Firepit.png Firepit Grid Forge.png Forge Grid Blast Furnace.png Blast Furnace

Bellows are used with Firepits, Forges and Blast Furnaces so that they will reach hotter temperatures and heat up at twice the speed in exchange for consuming fuel twice as fast. Note: Bellows only affects how quickly the device itself heats up. Items heating up inside of the the device will heat up at the same rate regardless of if a bellows is used or not.

To activate the bellows, simply right click while targeting anywhere on the bellows. The block will animate and make a blowing sound while active. As long as the player is holding down right-click, the bellows will keep pumping.


When placed, the active side of the bellow (the side with a hole that blows air) faces away from the direction The Player is facing. In the case of a forge or a firepit the bellows must be placed so it blows over the top of the coals. Note: A crucible on top of the forge will not block the bellow's air. For a Blast Furnace, the bellows must be placed next to the Blast Furnace Block, and there must be a Tuyere inside the Blast Furnace for the bellows to work.

Max Temperature

Device Fuel Without Bellows With Bellows
Grid Firepit.png Firepit¹ Grid Log (Ebony).png Ebony Bright Red* White
Grid Stick.png Stick Very Hot Bright Red**
Grid Forge.png Forge Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal Yellow White** Brilliant White
Grid Coal.png Coal White Brilliant White
Grid Blast Furnace.png Blast Furnace² Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal Yellow White** Brilliant White

¹ Ebony is the hottest burning firepit fuel, while Sticks are the coldest. All other firepit fuels fit somewhere within this range.

² The Blast Furnace cannot get hot enough to smelt the ore inside without the use of a bellows.


v1Added Bellows.
v1jRedstone powering removed from bellows.
77.0Added bellows animation.


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