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Roofs can be made from several different materials, including Thatch, Clay, Slate, and Copper. Every material can have up to three varieties of steepness which are made by different crafting recipes.

Name Shallow Normal Steep Notes
Grid Thatch Roof.png Thatch Roof
Grid Ceramic Tile Roof.png Ceramic Tile Roof
Grid Slate Roof.png Slate Roof
File:Grid Copper Roof.png Copper Roof
File:Grid Green Copper Roof.png Green Copper Roof Made by applying Ammonium Chloride to a copper roof.


Peaks can be made by crafting two of the same roof together. The resulting peak will have the same steepness as the component roofs.

Thatch Roof Thatch Roof File:Grid Thatch Roof Peak.png2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Thatch Roof

Thatch Roof Steep Thatch Roof
Straw Block Thatch Roof2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stick Straw Block
Stick Straw Block File:Grid Steep Thatch Roof.png2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stick Straw Block

The Thatch Roof is crafted with two Straw Blocks and one stick.

Slate Roof

Slate Brick Slate Shingle2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Copper Chisel
Shallow Slate Roof Slate Roof Steep Slate Roof
Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Shallow Slate Roof.png
Slate Shingle Slate Shingle
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle
Slate Shingle Grid layout Arrow (small).png Slate Roof
Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle
Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle
Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Steep Slate Roof.png
Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle
Lumber (Acacia) Slate Shingle

Slate Roofs are crafted with Slate Shingles, which are made by crafting a Slate Brick with a Chisel.

Ceramic Tile Roof

Clay Clay Tile
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Clay Log (Acacia)
Ceramic Tile Roof Steep Ceramic Tile Roof Shallow Ceramic Tile Roof
Ceramic Tile Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ceramic Tile Roof
Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile
Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile
Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Steep Ceramic Roof.png
Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile
Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile
Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Shallow Ceramic Roof.png
Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Ceramic Tile

Clay Tiles are made by wrapping two clay balls around a log in the crafting interface. They are then fired in a Pit Kiln or Kiln to create Ceramic Tiles.

Copper Roof

Copper Roof Steep Copper Roof Shallow Copper Roof
Copper Sheet Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Copper Roof.png8
Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet
Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet
Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Steep Copper Roof.png8
Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet
Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet
Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Shallow Copper Roof.png8
Copper Sheet Copper Sheet
Lumber (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Copper Sheet

Copper Roofs are made with Copper Metal Sheets.

Copper Roofs can be patinated into Green Copper Roofs, which is a purely aesthetic change. Copper Roofs can be turned into Green Copper Roofs by Rmb.png Right Clicking them with an Ammonium Chloride Ball.

Ammonium Chloride Balls are made with 250 mB of Ammonium Chloride and a Cotton Boll. Each boll has 9 uses. Ammonium Chloride is made by adding one Ammonium Chloride Powder for every 500 mB of fresh water in a barrel or vessel. Ammonium Chloride Powder is obtained by mining Salmoniac, which generates renewably around lava.

AmmoniumChlorideGauge.png 250 mB
Cotton Grid layout Arrow (small).png AmmoniumChlorideBall


Roofs can be placed on most compatible blocks, which will "drag" the block's texture up, creating a seamless texture between the block and the roof. At corners, roofs can be hit with a Hammer to create a seamless corner. Shallow roofs act like vanilla slabs, and can fit in either the lower half of a block, or the top half of a block. Regular and steep roofs are one block each.

A roof up to 25 blocks above the player's head will provide the player with temperature protection, based on the roof's material. Along with Clothing, this can enable survival in extreme environments.

  • The Thatch Roof provides +2 cold resistance.
  • The Slate Roof provides +2 heat resistance and +4 cold resistance.
  • The Ceramic Tile Roof provides +4 heat resistance and +2 cold resistance.
  • The Copper Roof provides +3 heat and +3 cold resistance.

Natural Roof

Raw stone can form a natural roof if there are 7 solid blocks of contiguous stone within the 12 blocks above the player's head. This means that caves can provide protection from extreme temperatures naturally. A natural roof gives +1 heat resistance and +2 cold resistance.


  • Before the roof rework, 0.83.0, Ceramic Tile Roofs had individually modeled tiles. This was removed because it made maintaining the code for roofs harder, as the different roofs had to have different code.
  • The green patina on Green Copper Roofs does not appear slowly over time, and is instead made with the ammonium chloride oxidant, as doing so would have required using tile entities, which would poorly impact game performance. The green patina on Green Copper Roofs in real life is known as verdigris. It is usually copper carbonate (Cu2CO3(OH)2) or sometimes copper chloride in coastal environments (Cu2(OH)3Cl), and can be thought of as copper "rust" or tarnish.
  • To make a full barrel of Ammonium Chloride would take 20 powder. This will let you make 40 Ammonium Chloride Balls. Using all of them will let you patina 360 Copper Roof blocks.


This page needs to be updated for the newest version of TFC+.
The content described on this page may no longer be relevant in the newest version of TFC+.


0.81.3Added the Ceramic Tile Roof and the Thatch Roof.
0.81.6Added the Slate Roof.
0.83.0Rewrote all roof code.
Thatch Roofs now have a Peak version.
Added Shallow and Steep roofs.
Removed textured surface of Ceramic Tile Roof.
Added Copper Roofs.
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