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Mouflon Male.png
Mouflon Female.png
Mouflon Baby.png
Health Points



Mountains, but not too hot or too dry

Can Despawn



Fur (1) upon death, if Mouflon
Sheepskin (1) upon death, if unsheared Sheep
Raw Hide (1) upon death, if sheared Sheep
Bones (2-7) upon death
Sinew upon death
Raw Mutton (3-13) upon death
Cooked Mutton (3-13) upon death by fire
Wool (1-2) upon shearing




Adult male Mouflons are distinguishable from their female counterparts by their horns. These horns will grow over time and can be used to determine the age of the animal. Undomesticated Mouflons will only grow a patch of wool in their backs, while domesticated Sheep will grow wool all over their bodies. This is purely aesthetic, and does not affect the amount of wool collected by shearing.


Wool can only be obtained from Familiarized adult Mouflon or Sheep by using Shears or a Knife on them or killing a non-sheared domesticated Sheep and processing the Sheepskin with a Knife. Undomesticated Mouflon regrow wool only when in cooler temperatures, while the domesticated version, Sheep, will grow wool in any climate. Mouflon and Sheep will regrow their wool after eating grass or tall grass.

Mouflon and Sheep can also be butchered for Mutton. The larger the animal is, the more mutton it will drop upon death.


Wild Mouflons will spawn in mountainous biomes. Like other animals, they will roam around the location where they are spawned, avoiding pits, lava and navigating around obstacles. Mouflons will lie down to sleep at night, and will attempt to find shelter under blocks if it rains.

When hungry, Mouflons and Sheep will eat grass, which will turn it into dirt. This will cause them to grow wool. Therefore, it is recommended that grass can still spread inside their pens, as otherwise they would not be able to produce any wool.

Mouflons, like most other wild animals, are neutral mobs. This means that they will retaliate if attacked. When attacked, Mouflons will strike once in order to protect themselves, and will deal a reasonable amount of damage and knockback. Once domesticated, Sheep will not retaliate if attacked. Mouflons and Sheep will follow players holding any type of grain.

Breeding and Domestication

Main article: Animal Husbandry

Mouflons can be bred with any type of grain. Only animal size needs to be taken into account when breeding, as larger animals will have generally larger offspring. If a male Mouflon is bred with a 100% familiarized female Mouflon, which is only possible in the second generation, the next generation will be domesticated instead of their wild versions.

The pregnancy of Mouflon or Sheep lasts for 5 months, and lambs take 12 months to become adults.