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Stick Loom

Stick looms are the first type of loom available to the player. They can be crafted with sticks and string.

Stick Linen String Stick Loom
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Linen String Stick


Making cloth at this loom is twice as fast as the stick loom. Looms are crafted with 7 lumber of a single wood type and a stick. Looms can be crafted from every different type of wood, but this has no effect on the loom other than aesthetically.

Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Loom (Oak)
Lumber (Oak) Stick Lumber (Oak)
Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak)


Looms are used to weave String or Fibers into Cloth. Rmb.png Right Click with the weaving material on the loom to attach it to the loom. Each piece will appear adjacent to the previous piece until the loom is full. Note: Looms are only able to weave a single material at a time. To change the material on a partially-filled loom, the block must be broken. Any material or completed cloth will drop in addition to the loom.

Cloth is created on a Loom using 12 Jute Fiber or Sisal Fiber, 20 Cotton Yarn, 18 Linen String, 24 Silk String, or 16 Wool Yarn.

Burlap Cloth Cotton Cloth Linen Cloth Silk Cloth Wool Cloth
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Burlap Cloth
Jute Fiber12
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cotton Cloth
Cotton Yarn20
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Linen Cloth
Linen String18
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Silk Cloth
Silk String24
Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Wool Cloth
Wool Yarn16

Once the loom is full, sneak (Default: ⇧ Shift) and Rmb.png Right Click on the loom with an empty hand to weave one row of the cloth. To make the entire cloth, hold Rmb.png Right Click while sneaking until all the rows are finished.

Once the weaving is complete, Rmb.png Right Click on the loom while not sneaking to remove the cloth.


79.0Added Loom for cloth creation.


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