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AgaveAgave (Seed)

Yes, 64








Agave is an alternative to Jute that grows in the Americas Region.


Agave leaves can be cut with a knife to produce Sisal Fibers, which are used to craft rope or weave burlap cloth used to make a Burlap Sack to store food.

Rope is made by holding 5 sisal fiber in hand and right-clicking. This also works with Jute Fiber and Flax Fiber.

Sisal Fiber Rope Burlap Cloth
Agave Stone Knife Sisal Fiber
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rope
Jute Fiber5

Craft by right-clicking the ground
with 5+ fiber in hand.

Grid Loom (Oak).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Burlap Cloth
Jute Fiber12
Burlap Sack Piece Burlap Sack
Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Burlap Sack Piece2
Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Flat Burlap Flat Burlap
Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Flat Burlap Flat Burlap
Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Flat Burlap Flat Burlap
Flat Burlap Flat Burlap title= Flat Burlap Flat Burlap
Burlap Sack Piece Burlap Sack Piece Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Burlap Sack

The rope is used similar to a vanilla lead. It is also required to train a horse: attach a rope to the horse and hold the rope before mounting.

Agave can also be pressed in a Hopper to produce Agave Juice; this can be fermented into Tequila.


Option Default
enableCropsDie false
Should ripe crops eventually die if they aren't harvested?


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Onion (Harvest).png
Gatherer Find a wild vegetable None Harvest a wild crop


82.0Added Agave, an alternative to Jute in the American region.

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