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There are two types of Hopper: Stone and Wrought Iron.

Stone Hoppers are crafted from 5 Smooth Stone blocks of any of the same stone type.

Smooth (Chalk) Smooth (Chalk) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hopper (Chalk)
Smooth (Chalk) Smooth (Chalk)
Smooth (Chalk)

Wrought Iron Hoppers are made by working a two wrought iron double sheets on a tier 3 anvil.

Working Rules
Grid Anvil Upset.png Grid Anvil Hit Light.png Grid Anvil Hit Medium.png Grid Anvil Hit Heavy.png Grid Anvil Bend.png
Upset, Last Hit, Second From Last Bend, Third From Last
Minimum Tier: 3 Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Wrought Iron Double Sheet Wrought Iron Double Sheet
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png


Stone Hoppers are used for pressing various foods. These currently include olives, grapes, sugarcane, agave, as well as various fruit and all berries. They do not have any of the functionality of their vanilla counterparts.

They are also used for collecting Pitch.

Pressing Foods

In order to use a hopper to press items, it must be placed directly above an unsealed Barrel or a Large Vessel. A item is then placed inside of the hopper and a smooth stone block is placed by sneaking (Default: ⇧ Shift) and using the block to Rmb.png Right Click on top of the hopper to begin pressing. The smooth stone block will appear to sink into the hopper as the pressing processes. You must put the items you wish to press into the hopper before you place the stone block

The amount of time that it takes to complete pressing is dependent on the total weight of the items inside of the hopper. Items are pressed at a rate of 32 ounces of item per hour, generating 500 mB of the respective liquid. Therefore, a full 160 ounce stack of the item will take 5 in-game hours to press, and will produce 2500 mB of respective liquid. The hopper can be filled with a total of 5 stacks of items, meaning that the maximum pressing time is 25 in-game hours.Verify

Olives make olive oil, which is used in Oil Lamps.

Pressing any kind of fruit, Agave, or Sugarcane, will produce Juices of the pressed item. These can then be fermented into Alcohol.

Note: Decay of the items inside the hopper is not halted during pressing, and only one stack of items is pressed at a time.

The hopper interface cannot be accessed while pressing is ongoing. It is possible to sneak (Default: ⇧ Shift) and Rmb.png Right Click on the hopper while it is pressing to remove the smooth stone block and halt the pressing. After the pressing has been completed, the smooth stone block is stored inside of the hopper. Breaking the hopper during pressing will drop the hopper, smooth stone block, and the remaining items inside the hopper.

Transporting Items

The Wrought Iron Hopper cannot be used to press foods, but is instead used more like a vanilla hopper. It can transport items from itself into another inventory, and pull items from inventories placed above it. It will also pick up items dropped into it.

The Iron Hopper has the same item restrictions when transporting items to another inventory or transport items that are too heavy or large, though it can pick up and hold these items themselves. Additionally, Iron Hoppers have a special interaction with the Quern. Items that can be ground, such as Grain, will be automatically placed into the grinding slot if the hopper leads into a side of the Quern. A hopper placed underneath the quern will also remove ground-up items out of the output slot. This is similar in functionality as hoppers and furnaces in vanilla Minecraft.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
enable vanilla recipes
hopperRecipe false
Allows crafting of vanilla hoppers using iron ingots and a chest.
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hopper
Iron Ingot Chest Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot


79.16Added TFC Hopper for creating olive oil.