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Cross section of a charcoal pit set up to collect Pitch

Pitch is collected by placing either a Stone Hopper or Wrought Iron Hopper (or multiple connected hoppers) directly under one of the log piles in a Charcoal pit and connecting it to the top of an unsealed Barrel.

Alternatively, Pitch can be produced by cooking Resin in a Large Vessel placed over a Firepit. This yields 50 mB of pitch per resin.

50 mB PitchGauge.png
Resin Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Uses a Large Ceramic Vessel mounted on a firepit N/A



Pitch is used in the construction of a Coracle.


An extinguished Torch can be crafted by putting a Stick inside a Barrel with pitch. This uses 50 mB of pitch per stick.

Torch (Pitch)
PitchGauge.png 50 mB
Stick Grid layout Arrow (small).png Extinguished Torch


An Unfinished Waterskin can be made by putting an empty Leather Bag into a Barrel with Pitch. This uses 250 mB of Pitch per Leather Bag. The Bag must have full durability.

Unfinished Waterskin
PitchGauge.png 250 mB
Leather Bag Grid layout Arrow (small).png Unfinished Waterskin

To finish the waterskin, craft the Unfinished Waterskin with a Horn Tip.

Horn Tip Waterskin
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Unfinished Waterskin

The Waterskin can then be filled with Water and drunk from to restore Thirst. It can be filled and refilled directly from a water source or from a Barrel or Large Ceramic Vessel full of water.

Drinking from a completely full Waterskin will restore around 70% of the thirst bar, making it roughly equivalent to drinking from 3 Water Jugs. Waterskins will never break on use.

If the Waterskin holds more water inside than the player needs when drinking, then the rest of the water will remain in the Waterskin and will not be consumed. If the Waterskin is partially full, then an item durability bar will appear on its icon to show the amount of remaining water.


0.84.0Pitch, pitch torch recipe, and Waterskins added.
0.84.1Resin to Pitch recipe changed to give 50 mB Pitch per Resin instead of 10. Fixed Waterskin not able to top off from water source blocks
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