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The bow is crafted in multiple steps. First, the unstrung bow is crafted with a string, knife, and pole. The knife is not consumed.

Pole Stone Knife Bow Unstrung
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Then completed bow is crafted with the unstrung bow and another string.

Sinew Bow
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bow Unstrung


To use the bow, some arrows will be required.

Stone Knife Feather Fletching6
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Fletching Stick Fletched Arrow
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Fletching Fletching
Stone Flake Grid layout Arrow (small).png Arrow
Fletching Stick
Fletching Fletching

Arrows may be stored in the inventory, or more conveniently in a quiver.

Hold right click to draw the bow. The bow can be drawn for several seconds, achieving maximum damage and range after four seconds. Releasing right click fires the bow. The arrow will travel about 60 blocks when fired straight ahead at maximum draw. Arrows may be recovered from the ground after they have been fired.

Composite Bow

The Composite Bow draws 20% faster than the regular bow, and can deal up to twice as much damage.

The Composite Bow is crafted in several steps. To craft the Composite Bow, a Slimeball, Horn Strips, and an Unstrung Bow will be needed.

Fresh WaterGauge.png 400 mb Fresh WaterGauge.png
Hide (Raw) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Slimeball
Uses a Large Ceramic Vessel mounted on a firepit 4 hours

Bow Unstrung Horn Strips Composite Bow (Unfinished)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Horn Strips Slimeball

The unstrung Composite Bow must be then crafted, specifically with Sinew.

Slimeball Sinew Composite Bow (Unstrung)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Sinew Composite Bow (Unfinished)

The final step is to combine the unstrung Composite Bow with any string other than sinew.

Composite Bow (Unstrung) Linen String Composite Bow
Grid layout Arrow (small).png



0.82.3Added Composite Bows.
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