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Slashing damage is done by Swords, Axes, Bears and Zombies.

Within their armor-tier, Black Bronze and Red Steel Armor are tuned to have slightly better protection against Slashing damage than the other option(s) within those tiers.

Zombies, Creepers, and other meaty creatures (but not spiders) have a reduced resistance to Slashing Damage.


Piercing damage is done by Javelins, Spiders, Arrows, Knives, and Skeletons.

Within their armor-tier, Bismuth Bronze and Blue Steel Armor are tuned to have better slightly protection against Piercing Damage than the other option(s) within those tiers.

Piercing Damage is completely useless against skeletons; other mobs resist about half.


Crushing damage is done by Maces.

Leather Armor protects slightly better against Crushing Damage than Copper Armor, but otherwise, higher tier armors are always an improvement.

Skeletons have a reduced resistance to Crushing Damage.


General damage refers to both falling blocks and vanilla damage types (fall damage, fire damage, suffocation, and Enderman attacks). General damage causes full damage to a player with or without Armor, and damages Armor for the full amount the player takes.


Explosion damage counts as General Type, and is done by Creepers and Powder Kegs. Explosion damage scales with proximity, meaning the closer the player is to the source, the more damage that will be dealt to the player and armor.