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Welcome to the wiki!

Please reference the following pages before making any edits:

If you wish to make any changes other than minor edits (like complete page or section overhauls), please ask me first. You can either send me an email [email protected], send me a forum PM.. or come chat with us on IRC for much easier communication. Once you prove yourself as a skilled wiki editor that provides accurate information (not conjecture) and properly follows the style guide, you will be able to make larger changes without prior approval.

Recent Edits

Please remember to be referencing the style guide I linked above when making edits. If the page you are editing is not following the guide, please fix it as well as making your edits. You did not follow the style guide while adding the new information to the firestarter page, and you also added unnecessary information, as the Flint & Steel already has it's own page.


The following pages have had your edits reverted:

  • Metals - It was intentional that the chart only showed items with a use, to prevent players from making things they see on the chart, only to have to recycle them because they are useless.
  • Bloom - Only refined blooms that are less than 100% can be melted in a forge to get a partial ingots. Raw blooms that are less than 100% have to be thrown back into the bloomery, as they cannot be refined and therefor melted. If you melt a raw bloom, the item is simply lost.

Removing Edit Privileges

Due to an unfortunate bit of vandalism on this wiki, I have decided to clean house and remove edit privileges of all users. If you would like your edit privileges reinstated, please contact me and they will promptly be returned. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. --Kittychanley (talk) 17:30, 2 November 2014 (CST)