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Teepees are made from Wooden Spears and either Raw Hide, Fur or Wicker. Wooden Spears are made from crafting poles with knives. Only Wooden Spears, and not Javelins, can be used to construct the Teepee. To construct a Teepee, hold shift and right click four Wooden Spears into dirt/gravel/sand 1 block apart from each other. To complete the Teepee, use either two large or four medium hides or furs/fur scraps on the middle of the four spears. The Wicker Teepee is similar, but it requires 7 wooden spears right next to each other in a U shape. To finish the wicker Teepee, right click the middle of the 7 spears with 20 wicker.

Bug: Currently 2 Large generic Fur or 4 Medium generic Fur do not work, only 2 Large generic Fur Scraps or 4 Medium generic Fur Scraps can make the generic Fur Teepee. Wolf Fur and Bear Fur work with Fur or Fur Scraps.


Teepees (also known as Tipis or Chūms) are portable tents that also function as Beds. Sleeping in a Teepee will not reset a player's spawn point.

Unlike Straw & Hide Beds, Teepees can be used to sleep in the extreme cold and heat, and also in rain. Teepees made from fur or hide will protect the player from the elements more than a Wicker teepee, and can be used to sleep in more extreme temperatures. They are ideal for situations where sleeping in the open is not possible.

The center space on the floor and the space in the doorway make up a 1x2x2 sleeping area. Right clicking the center space will allow the player to sleep. Sleeping in a teepee does not set the player spawn. The fur and hide teepees allow sleeping in cold temperatures, but the wicker Teepee does not. The Wicker teepee also does not reduce The Player's Hunger and Thirst consumption as much while they are sleeping. In teepees made of hide or fur, there are three 1x1x1 open spaces next to the sleeping space (one at the head and one to the left and right) where Baskets can be placed. There are no basket spaces inside the Wicker Teepee.


0.81.7Added Teepees.
0.81.8Fixed a bug where Teepees would not be destroyed properly when a spear was broken.
Fixed an issue with missing textures of invisible blocks that are part of the Teepee structure.
0.82.2Being inside a Teepee now shelters the player from the elements and provides ambient warmth.
0.84.1Added the Wicker Teepee and generic Fur Teepee.