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Mud is crafted by dropping and equal number of dirt and straw, and then pouring water from a bucket, such as the Ceramic Bucket, onto the items. 1 straw and 1 dirt will give 2 mud. A bucket of water can turn 32 dirt and 32 straw into 64 mud.


Mud can be used to create stone-age building blocks, making it useful for making early game shelters when more advanced materials such as wood or stone are not available.

Both types of Mud building blocks can be Plastered to make them harder to break.

Grid Mudbrick.png Mudbrick

Wet mud bricks set out to dry

Mudbrick is one of the two building blocks crafted from Mud.

Mud Mud Brick Wet
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

The first step in crafting Mudbrick is to craft Mud Bricks by placing Mud in a crafting slot. Then, the Mud Bricks must be dried by shift and right clicking it onto a block exposed to the sun. Mud Bricks will only dry in the day (between 6 AM and 6 PM).

After the mud brick is dried, it can be harvested instantly by left-clicking the block. The dried mud brick can now be used to craft Mudbrick. Mudbricks will turn to dirt if placed in water. Since Mud is sensitive to moistness, even if it is dried, it cannot be used for creating a Food Preparation surface.[1]

Mud Brick Mud Brick Granite Mudbrick2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Mud Brick Mud Brick

Grid Wattle and Daub.png Wattle and Daub

Wattle is a simple building block made of woven sticks.

Stick Stick Wattle
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stick Stick

While Wattle is easy to make and can serve as an early game fence or wall, it can be set on fire by Torches and since it is not a full block, items like Tool Racks and Candle Holders cannot be placed on it.

Wattle can be upgraded to the Wattle and Daub block by holding Mud in hand and Rmb.png Right Clicking on the wattle. Unlike Mud Bricks, Wattle and Daub does not need to dry.

Wattle Door

The Wattle Door is an early game version of a wooden door. It can be made with two poles and two wattle.

Pole Wattle Wattle Door
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Pole Wattle


  • Prior to version 84, mudbricks would melt into dirt in the rain.
  • Though the in-game name for this item is mud, its crafting recipe resembles the real life building material cob, which is a mixture of soil and fiberous organic materials (such as straw).


81.3Added mud, mud bricks, and mudbricks.
81.4Mudbrick blocks are no longer all granite.
81.6Fixed a texture glitch with mudbricks.
81.7Plastered Blocks can now be made by applying Plaster of Paris to mudbricks and wattle and daub.
84.0Mud bricks no longer melt into dirt in the rain.


  1. Dunkleosteus ( "mud does not make a good meal prep table, as it is mud - even if it's dried, liquids from foods would wet it and turn it back into mud. not a good idea."