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Sewing is a crafting mechanic that uses a threaded needle to assemble clothing pieces into finished clothing. It is also used to assemble non-clothing items, such as the Quiver, Saddle, Burlap Sacks, Hide and Leather Bags and to Patch worn/damaged clothes.

First, you will need a needle and thread. To get a needle, hold left-click on a raw stone block while holding a bone (or bones) in your hand. As you hit the rock, the bones will start to break, dropping bone fragments. There is a chance they will drop a bone needle. Once you have a needle, place it in your crafting grid with linen or silk string, wool yarn, or sinew to create a threaded needle.

Sinew Bone Needle Thread
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Bone Needle

To begin sewing, right click on the ground while holding sewable items in your hand. This will open the sewing interface. Place the sewable pieces needed for the clothing or item you want into the interface's inventory slots. A sewing pattern will appear.

To sew the stitches, hold Rmb.png Right Click and drag the point of the needle along the red lines with a threaded needle.

To inspect your work, put the needle back in your inventory. Areas that were sewn well will turn green. Areas that need to be sewn or that should not have been sewn will be red. You can remove stitching by using a knife on the pattern and holding right-click. Stitching is cut at the point of the knife icon. Place your knife back into your inventory to update the pattern.

When all the seams are sewn properly and no stitches are out of line, The clothing item will be output into the slot on the right.

Note: To prevent running out of thread you can place an extra strand in the sewing GUI along with the cut pieces of material. If the durability runs out while you are sewing it will use the extra strand to automatically refill the needle

Burlap Sack Piece Burlap Sack Piece Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Burlap Sack

Bag Piece Hide Bag Piece Hide Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Hide Bag

Bag Piece Leather Bag Piece Leather Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Leather Bag

Quiver Piece Leather Quiver Piece Leather Strap Leather Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Quiver

Strap Leather Strap Leather Strap Leather Strap Leather Grid Iron Needle Thread.png Saddle
Saddle Piece Leather

See the article on Clothing for more Sewing Recipes