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Information: Missing fence and support beam assets
Large Log (Acacia).png
Log (Acacia)Log (Ash)Log (Aspen)Log (Bamboo)Log (Baobab)Log (Birch)Log (Chestnut)Log (Douglas Fir)Log (Ebony)Log (Fever)Log (Fruitwood)Log (Gingko)Log (Hickory)Log (Kapok)Log (Limba)Log (Mahogany)Log (Mangrove)Log (Maple)Log (Oak)Log (Palm)Log (Pine)Log (Sequoia)Log (Spruce)Log (Sycamore)Log (Teak)Log (White Cedar)Log (White Elm)



Grid Steel Axe.pngGrid Steel Saw.pngGrid Steel Hammer.png


Yes, 16












Logs are gathered by chopping down Trees with an Axe. Chop the bottom-most log to fell the entire tree. If the axe does not have enough durability to fell the entire tree, as many logs as possible starting from the top of the tree will be chopped and the axe will break. Player placed logs can also be harvested with a Saw.

Trees can appear in two sizes, Large, and Normal. The size of the tree determines the size of the log that is obtained when the tree is chopped. Some tree species, such as Bamboo, do not spawn with Large Logs.

Large Logs can be placed like regular blocks in the world, while Normal Logs can only be placed within Log Piles.


Crafting Recipes

Lumber Support Beams
Copper Saw Lumber (Acacia)8
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Log (Acacia)
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Copper Saw Log (Acacia) Support Beam (Acacia)8
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Log (Acacia)
Log (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Log (Acacia) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fence (Acacia)6
Log (Acacia) Lumber (Acacia) Log (Acacia)


Breaking a large log with a Hammer will yield 1-3 sticks.


Crafting a log with a Knife will yield 1 Pole.

Log (Acacia) Pole
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stone Knife


Logs are the primary source of fuel for fire pits. They can either be manually placed inside the fire pit's GUI, or they can simply be tossed (Default: Q) on the top of the fire pit to be consumed. Different logs burn for different lengths ranging from 50 to 112.5 seconds, and at different temperatures.

Tree Burn Length Burn Temperature
Grid Log (Acacia).png Acacia Shortest Dark Red**
Grid Log (Ash).png Ash Shorter Dark Red***
Grid Log (Aspen).png Aspen Shortest Dark Red*
Grid Log (Bamboo).png Bamboo Shortest Very Hot***
Grid Log (Baobab).png Baobab Shortest Very Hot****
Grid Log (Birch).png Birch Long Dark Red**
Grid Log (Chestnut).png Chestnut Short Dark Red**
Grid Log (Douglas Fir).png Douglas Fir Short Dark Red****
Grid Log (Ebony).png Ebony Shortest Bright Red*
Grid Log (Fevertree).png Fever Shortest Faint Red***
Grid Log (Fruitwood).png Fruitwood Shortest Dark Red**
Grid Log (Gingko).png Gingko Shortest Dark Red
Grid Log (Hickory).png Hickory Longer Bright Red
Grid Log (Kapok).png Kapok Shortest Dark Red**
Grid Log (Limba).png Limba Shortest Dark Red
Grid Log (Mahogany).png Mahogany Shortest Bright Red
Grid Log (Maple).png Maple Longer Bright Red
Grid Log (Oak).png Oak Longest Dark Red****
Grid Log (Pine).png Pine Shorter Dark Red*
Grid Log (Sequoia).png Sequoia Long Dark Red*
Grid Log (Spruce).png Spruce Short Dark Red
Grid Log (Sycamore).png Sycamore Long Dark Red**
Grid Log (Teak).png Teak Shortest Dark Red***
Grid Log (White Cedar).png White Cedar Short Dark Red*
Grid Log (White Elm).png White Elm Long Dark Red**
Grid Log (Willow).png Willow Shortest Dark Red

Leather Rack

A horizontally placed Large Log will function as a leather rack, allowing the use of a knife to scrape a soaked hide.

Stacked Logs

Log Piles

Log piles allow for convenient, resource-free storage of logs. They are also required in the creation of charcoal and the lighting of a pit kiln.

To create a log pile, sneak (Default: ⇧ Shift) and right-click while holding a normal log. Only normal logs can be used to create log piles. Large Logs can be placed in a Log Pile after the pile has been created with a normal log. The pile can only be placed on top of a solid block, or another full log pile. Right-clicking on a partially full log pile with a log will allow you to place logs in that pile without opening the GUI. Right-clicking on the top or side of a full log pile with a log will place a new log pile. Right-clicking on an existing log pile while not holding a log will open the log pile GUI.

A log pile can store up to 16 normal logs in 4 stacks of 4, or 4 large logs in 4 stacks of 1.

Log piles can be set on fire by an adjacent Firepit if the pile has only 1 log in it. This exception to the general rule that Firepits don't set blocks on fire is because of the use of Log piles and Firepits in the construction of Kilns. A side effect is that a straight line of log piles with 1 log can be used as a fuse to set fire to distant items or to activate a Powder Keg.

Note: Log piles in the world use the same graphic, regardless of what type of log was used to create them.


v1Added Support Beam recipe.
v1gPossible to press your sneak key while holding a log and simply place a new pile on top of an old one instead of filling it.
v2 Build 25Added throwing of a log on top of the fire pit to automatically add it to the fuel stack.
v2 Build 47Added bowl recipe.
v2 Build 51Logs can be placed vertically or horizontally just as vanilla.
No longer possible to place log piles on top of non-full log piles.
v2 Build 52Changed log placement. The side of a block that you click on is where the inner part of the log is placed.
Build 58Chopping down trees uses up 1 durability per log contained in the tree.
Build 61Added smashing of a log in the world using a hammer to get sticks.
Build 70Using a stone axe to chop trees results in a 10% chance for a block to not yield a log.
77.0Log piles cannot be created on top of non-solid blocks, nor other log piles that are not completely full of logs.
Added use of log piles for fuel source in pit kilns.
78.0Added Acacia logs.
Added fence recipe.
0.81.0Added Limba, Baobab, Fever Tree, Gingko, Teak, Bamboo, Fruitwood, Ebony, Mahogany and Date Palm. Acacia enabled.
Added poles crafted with a log and knife, poles can be crafted into two sticks.
Fruit trees now drop fruitwood logs, saplings no longer drop from branches.
0.82.0Large Logs can now be added to existing Log Piles (one large log per slot) and used in Charcoal Pits.