Fire Clay

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Fire Clay
Fire ClayClay Fire BrickFire BrickFire Brick Block



Grid Steel Pickaxe.png


Clay & Brick Block: Yes, 64
Bricks: Yes, 32




Clay: Light
Bricks: Medium


Clay: Tiny
Bricks: Small




terrafirmacraft:item.Fire Brick


Fire Clay

Fire Clay is crafted with Clay, Kaolinite Powder, and Graphite Powder.

Kaolinite Powder Graphite Powder Kaolinite Powder Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fire Clay
Graphite Powder Clay Graphite Powder
Kaolinite Powder Graphite Powder Kaolinite Powder

Fire Bricks

Craft two Fire Clay to get a Clay Fire Bricks.

Fire Clay Fire Clay Clay Fire Brick
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Fire Clay Fire Bricks in a Pit Kiln to get Fire Bricks.

Pit Kiln Pit Kiln Fire Brick
Pit Kiln
Clay Fire Brick

Craft Fire Bricks with Mortar to produce Fire Brick Blocks.

Fire Brick Mortar Fire Brick Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fire Brick Block4
Mortar Fire Brick Mortar
Fire Brick Mortar Fire Brick



Right-click a stack of 5 or more Fire Clay to open the shaping interface.

Fire Clay can be shaped into a Crucible.

CFL Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFL Fire title= Crucible
CFL Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFL Fire
CFL Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFL Fire
CFL Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFD Fire CFL Fire
CFL Fire CFL Fire CFL Fire CFL Fire CFL Fire

Blast Furnace

Fire brick blocks are required to build the chimney stack of a Blast Furnace.


77.0Added Fire Clay.
78.0Added Fire Bricks.


  • Including the fire clay to make the two crucibles (one for the crafting of and one for placing under the blast furnace), it requires 20 fire clay to make a minimum size, working blast furnace.
  • It requires 40 additional fire clay to extend that blast furnace to maximum size.
  • Due to the number of powder produced when grinding, it takes exactly one piece of Kaolinite, Graphite and Clay to make a single Fire Clay.

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