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Regions are areas of land that determine what kinds of trees, crops, and animals spawn in an area. Regions are separate from Biomes, which determine the shape of the land that generates, and the other world generation variables such as Rainfall and EVT.

The Regions in Terrafirmacraft+ are based off the real world's continents, and are Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The player cannot normally determine the precise region they are in; however, it can be guessed from the types of trees, crops, and animals that spawn in an area.

Crop Generation

Different regions will spawn different types of crops; this means that if a certain type of crop is desired, the player must travel far in order to find another region where the crop can spawn in.

Crop Asia Africa Europe Americas
Grid Agave.png Agave
Grid Barley (Harvest).png Barley
Grid Black-Eyed Peas.png Black Eyed Peas
Grid Cabbage (Harvest).png Cabbage
Grid Carrot (Harvest).png Carrot
Grid Cotton.pngCotton
Grid Flax.pngFlax
Grid Garlic (Harvest).png Garlic
Grid Grapes.png Grape
Grid Greenbean (Harvest).png Greenbean
Grid Jute.png Jute
Grid Madder Root.png Madder
Grid Maize (Harvest).png Maize
Grid Melon.png Melon
Grid Oat (Harvest).png Oat
Grid Onion (Harvest).png Onion
Grid Potato (Harvest).png Potato
Grid Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Grid Red Bell Pepper (Harvest).png Red Bell Pepper
Grid Rice (Harvest).png Rice
Grid Rye (Harvest).png Rye
Grid Soybean (Harvest).png Soybean
Grid Squash (Harvest).png Squash
Grid Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Grid Tomato (Harvest).png Tomato
Grid Weld Root.png Weld
Grid Wheat (Harvest).png Wheat
Grid Woad Leaves.pngWoad
Grid Yellow Bell Pepper (Harvest).png Yellow Bell Pepper

Tree Generation

Different regions will spawn different types of trees; this means that if a certain type of tree is desired, the player must travel far in order to find another region where the tree can spawn in.

Tree Asia Africa Europe Americas
Grid Sapling (Oak).png Oak
Grid Sapling (Aspen).png Aspen
Grid Sapling (Birch).png Birch
Grid Sapling (Chestnut).png Chestnut
Grid Sapling (Douglas Fir).png Douglas Fir
Grid Sapling (Hickory).png Hickory
Grid Sapling (Ash).png Ash
Grid Sapling (Maple).png Maple
Grid Sapling (Pine).png Pine
Grid Sapling (Sequoia).png Sequoia
Grid Sapling (Spruce).png Spruce
Grid Sapling (White Cedar).png White Cedar
Grid Sapling (Willow).png Willow
Grid Sapling (Kapok).png Kapok
Grid Sapling (Palm).png Palm
Grid Sapling (Mahogany).png Mahogany
Grid Sapling (Sycamore).png Sycamore
Grid Sapling (White Elm).png White Elm
Grid Sapling (Ebony).png Ebony
Grid Sapling (Teak).png Teak
Grid Sapling (Bamboo).png Bamboo
Grid Sapling (Gingko).png Gingko
Grid Sapling (Acacia).png Acacia Umbrella Thorn Koa
Grid Sapling (Fever).png Fever
Grid Sapling (Baobab).png Baobab
Grid Sapling (Limba).png Limba






Determining the Region

A process of elimination can be used to determine your region

The region of an area can only be determined precisely when the player is holding a Compass. Otherwise, the region can be guessed from the types of crops, trees, and animals that spawn in an area. A unique feature of the Asian region is that Straw Hats crafted in it will be conical; thus, it can be assumed that if a hat crafted in an area is conical, it is Asia. Likewise, Limba, Baobab, Fever, and Black-Eyed Peas only spawn in Africa. Thus, if these things spawn, it can be assumed that an area is African. Tomatoes, Potatoes, White Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Maize only spawn in America; thus, if an area spawns this, it can be assumed that that area is American; otherwise, it is European.

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