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Reef Shark

Reef Sharks are a neutral aquatic mob that can rarely spawn from Coral Reefs.


Sharks are three blocks long from nose to caudal fin and less than a block wide/tall. They have a sloped head, three gills on either side of their body and a long tail that ends in a vertical caudal fin. They have a grey livery that turns to white on the underside of their body.

A Reef Shark in a Coral Reef.


Sharks are neutral mobs. They normally swim in the general area in which they have spawned, generally avoiding the bottom of the sea.

Sharks will mind their own business until a player enters the water while either bleeding or carrying raw meat (it should be noted that raw fish also qualifies as raw meat). If a player enters the water and either of those conditions are met, nearby sharks will quickly swim towards the player and try to bite them, dealing 300 damage on a successful bite. After a shark has successfully bitten a player, it will enter a "cooldown" state that prevents it from attacking again until some time has passed. Bleeding players attract sharks from farther away than players that happen to be carrying raw meat.

As of the current version (0.85.6) sharks do not react in any way to being damaged, and do not drop anything upon being killed.


  • Reef sharks were added to the game as a reward for the LoveTropics fundraiser reaching 6000 dollars.
  • Reef sharks are based on the real world grey reef sharks.


0.85.6Added Sharks.