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There are two kinds of boat in Terrafirmacraft+: the regular vanilla Boat, and its early-game alternative, the Coracle.

The recipe of the regular boat is virtually unchanged from its vanilla counterpart.

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Boat
Planks (Acacia) Planks (Acacia)
Planks (Acacia) Planks (Acacia) Planks (Acacia)

Coracles have a more complex construction process, but are obtainable without a Saw, as they do not use Lumber. A coracle is made from a Coracle Frame, Wicker, and Pitch.

Coracle Frame
Wicker Wicker Coracle Frame
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Wicker Wicker
Pole Stone Axe Wicker2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
50 mB PitchGauge.png
Resin Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Uses a Large Ceramic Vessel mounted on a firepit N/A

Once the Coracle Frame is made, Rmb.png Right Click on the ground with it to place it. Rmb.png Right Click 45 pieces of Wicker onto the Coracle Frame. Finally, Rmb.png Right Click with 7 buckets of Pitch to finish the Coracle.

A Coracle also requires the player to have a paddle in order to move it.

Pole Log (Acacia) Paddle
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Stone Knife



The Vanilla boat is virtually unchanged from its vanilla counterpart. It can be placed in water, and moved with the directional keys (W, A, S, and D).

Like Vanilla boats, coracles can be placed in water. The player can Rmb.png Right Click on the coracle to get onto it. Coracles have to be rowed with a Paddle in order for them to move. Lmb.png Left Click makes the player paddle on the left side of the player, and Rmb.png Right Click makes the player paddle on the right side of the player. The longer the button is held, the stronger the stroke. Peak strength is around 1 second per click. Holding the button for 1.5 seconds or longer counts as braking and will kill speed on that side. In order to row straight forward, the player must maintain an equal speed on both sides. Holding the key that the player uses to move backwards (default: S) will cause the coracle to move backwards.


Players mounted on either kind of boat can dismount from them by right clicking the top side of any placed wooden plank blocks. This allows the player to dismount from their boat without getting their Clothing soaked.

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