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Dealt By
Grid Steel Axe.png Axes Grid Steel Sword.png Swords Grid Bear.png Bears Grid Wolf.png Wolves Grid Zombie.png Zombies

The following armor is geared to protect best against slashing damage:

Grid Copper Chestplate.png Copper Grid Black Bronze Chestplate.png Black Bronze Grid Bronze Chestplate.png Bronze Grid Wrought Iron Chestplate.png Wrought Iron Grid Steel Chestplate.png Steel Grid Red Steel Chestplate.png Red Steel


Dealt By
Grid Arrow.png Arrows Grid Steel Javelin.png Javelins Grid Steel Knife.png Knives Grid Steel Pickaxe.png Pickaxes Grid Skeleton.png Skeletons Grid Spider.png Spiders

The following armor is geared to protect best against piercing damage:

Grid Copper Chestplate.png Copper Grid Bismuth Bronze Chestplate.png Bismuth Bronze Grid Bronze Chestplate.png Bronze Grid Wrought Iron Chestplate.png Wrought Iron Grid Black Steel Chestplate.png Black Steel Grid Blue Steel Chestplate.png Blue Steel


Dealt By
Grid Steel Hammer.png Hammers Grid Steel Mace.png Maces Grid Steel Shovel.png Shovels

The following armor is geared to protect best against crushing damage:

Grid Leather Tunic.png Leather¹

¹Except for Copper, all higher tier armors provide better protection.


Damage that is dealt by players or mobs that are not listed in any of the above categories is considered generic damage. This includes damage dealt by players wielding tools that don't otherwise have a damage type assigned to them like Prospector's Picks. Generic damage is reduced based on the armor's average protection to all three damage types.


All damage caused to the player from external forces not included in the list above can be considered environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage include: Fire, Falling, Drowning, Lava, Suffocation, Falling Blocks, Explosion, etc.


Explosion is a type of environmental damage and is caused by Creepers and Powder Kegs. Explosion damage scales with proximity, meaning the closer the player is to the source, the more damage that will be dealt to the player and armor.


77.0New armor/damage types - All armor has defensive properties capable of reducing damage from Blunt, Slashing, or Piercing attacks.
All weapons have been given a corresponding damage type.
Mobs deal specific types of damage.
78.0Mobs taking damage is affected by the different damage types.
78.4Hammers properly deal crushing damage.
79.4Wolves do slashing damage instead of generic.

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