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Juices can be made by Pressing various Fruit (bananas and melons cannot be juiced), Berries, Sugar Cane, or Agave in the Stone Hopper. Any Berries will output a generic 'Berry Juice' when Pressed. Pressing olives will result in Olive oil instead.

1 Hour Grape JuiceGauge.png
Agave32 Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid Press.png 500 mB


Juices can be drunk from a Glass Bottle or Jug, restoring thirst, fruit nutrition, and a small amount of hunger. Since juices do not decay, they are a good option for storing nutrition. Juices can also be fermented into various Wines.

Calories Juices
Very Low Calories Lemon Juice

Agave Juice

Low Calories Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Cherry Juice

Berry Juice

Medium Calories Peach Juice

Fig Juice

Papaya Juice

High Calories Plum Juice

Date Juice

Grape Juice

Very High Calories Cane Juice