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Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The HUD consists of the user's health, hunger, thirst and experience bars. Unlike in vanilla, there is no armor rating bar.


Health Bar

Instead of hearts, health is represented with a red-colored bar and white text overlay. When a player first spawns, they have a maximum health value of 1,000 HP. This value increases and decreases depending on the player's nutrition and experience levels. If a player's max health increases, the bar will update to show the new health available to be regenerated.

Health regenerates very slowly over time, as long as the player's hunger bar is at least 25% filled. Mob health is also increased, although not proportionally; creepers for instance have much less health relative to the player than in vanilla. The damage done by a player's fist is also scaled, doing 10 HP instead of the vanilla 1 HP.

Swimming in a hot spring will quickly regenerate the player's health.

Hunger Bar

Instead of haunches of food, hunger is represented with a green-colored bar. Players have a stomach capacity of 24 oz. When eating the majority of food, the player can consume a maximum of 5 oz at a time. Sandwiches are the exception, and the player will consume as much as possible to become full. If the hunger bar is filled is above 19 oz, the player will only consume enough to fill their stomach. This means that it is impossible to over-eat, and saturation is therefore only acquired through eating sandwiches and salads. While holding food in the player's hand, the depleted hunger bar will light up slightly, indicating how much that particular piece of food can fill the bar if completely consumed.

The hunger bar animating the overlay shown when holding a piece of food.

Unlike vanilla, the hunger bar does slowly deplete over time while the player is standing still. Hunger is primarily depleted by performing actions such as breaking blocks or attacking. Having a low Body Temperature will cause the player to deplete their hunger faster, as they are consuming calories faster in order to keep themselves warm. If the player sleeps through the night, the hunger bar will deplete half as much as if the player had been awake the entire time. The only exception to this is the Wicker Teepee which does not provide as much hunger depletion reduction as the other methods of sleeping.

When there is only 25% of the bar left, the player will have a Weakness II and Mining Fatigue II potion effect until the hunger is replenished. If the hunger bar is empty, the player's nutrition will deplete at 3 times the normal rate, quickly decreasing the player's max health. Once the player's nutrition has completely depleted, the player will be left with a max health of 50 HP. In this way, hunger does not directly damage the player, but it does put them in a situation where almost any sort of damage will result in death.

Thirst Bar


Thirst is represented with a blue-colored bar. The thirst bar, like the hunger bar, slowly depletes over time even while the player does not move. It can be refilled by drinking water; either by drinking directly from a fresh water pool with Rmb.png Right Click or by drinking from a ceramic jug. Thirst is primarily depleted by running around. Having a high Body Temperature will also cause the player to "sweat" and deplete their thirst faster. If the player sleeps through the night, the thirst bar will deplete half as much as if the player had been awake the entire time. The only exception to this is the Wicker Teepee which does not provide as much thirst depletion reduction as the other methods of sleeping.

When the thirst bar is half empty, the player will no longer be able to sprint. When there is only 25% of the bar left, the player will have an invisible Slowness II potion effect until the thirst bar is replenished. If the thirst bar is completely empty, and the current ambient temperature is above 35, the player will take damage simulating a heat stroke.

Experience Bar

The experience system represents life experience, and so each level increases a player's maximum health and thirst, allowing them to take more hits, and survive longer without drinking.

Temperature Bar

Body Temperature Bar.png

The player's body temperature is represented by a thermometer in the bottom right side of the screen. The temperature gauge has several ranges and a highlighted cell that moves up and down. The green range represents temperatures that the player is comfortable in. The cyan range represents temperatures too cold for the player, and the red area represents temperatures too hot for the player. The highlighted cell represents the current ambient temperature.

Body temperature is affected by ambient temperature, exertion, and by changes in temperature resistance.


When the player's body temperature is outside the green (comfortable) range, they will begin to suffer from effects such as Mining Fatigue, Slowness, and the lowering of their Skills, and may not be able to sleep in Teepees or Straw and Hide Beds. When a player is too hot, they will get thirsty more quickly, as their bodies will "sweat" to cool themselves off. Sweating also causes clothing worn by the player to become damp, losing some or all temperature protection. Likewise, when a player is too cold, they will get hungry more quickly, as their bodies will burn more calories to keep them warm. If the player's body temperature is extremely hot or cold, negative effects increase and a death countdown timer will appear under the body temperature gauge showing how much longer the player can endure the current temperature before they die of heat stroke or hypothermia.

Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature determines the location of the highlighted cell on the meter. Several things can change the ambient temperature. Standing in line-of-sight to Lava source blocks or standing in Hot Spring Water will raise temperature. Higher elevations lower ambient temperature. Higher latitudes generally mean lower ambient temperatures. Ambient temperature changes by season, with summers being hottest and winter being coldest. Swimming in deep water or wearing wet clothing will also lower the player's temperature. Standing below a constructed or natural Roof can shift the player's temperature 1-4 levels toward comfortable if they are too hot or cold. When the player is too hot, being exposed to the sun will further increase body temperature (by one "tick"). This can be handled by finding shade from a tree or building, or by wearing a brimmed hat such as a Straw Hat. Similarly, when the ambient temperature is


Temperature resistance determines the size and location of the colored ranges on the temperature meter. Clothing adjusts the player's comfort range. For example, grass clothing gives the player heat resistance, which extends the green range upward. Wool clothing protects gives the player cold resistance, which extends the green range downward (too much wool clothing can make the player less resistant to heat). With the right clothing, it is possible for the comfortable zone to cover a wide range of temperatures. Drinking water will give a small buff to heat resistance for a short time. Standing near an active firepit or forge will give cold resistance that builds up over time to a max of 2 minutes.


Prolonged exertion will produce an "Exertion: Heat" status effect. This raises the felt temperature by the amount in the tooltip. Resting by standing still will speed up recovery from exertion.


The player can get wounded in various ways. Wounds cause the player's health to drop and can also slow the player's walking speed. Wounds can be managed through the use of Medicine.


As in vanilla, all experience levels are lost on death, resetting the bonuses attained from them. In addition, players will respawn with partially-full health and hunger bars. Other bonuses such as the expanded crafting grid will be lost. This is designed to encourage players to play more carefully and to protect themselves.



The player's inventory consists of four armor slots, four clothing slots, a back slot, a crafting grid, and 36 storage slots. There are also four tabs to the right of the inventory to switch between inventory, skills, a calendar, and health.

Back Slot

The back slot can hold a Quiver, as well as large items such as Anvils, sealed Barrels, and sealed Large Ceramic Vessels. Larger items will overburden a player, making them unable to move if the item is not stored in the back slot.

Crafting Grid

The only way the crafting grid can be expanded is by crafting a crafting table with four planks. The crafting table will be consumed, and the crafting grid will expand to the 3x3 slots. The expanded crafting grid will not revert back to the 2x2 slots unless the player dies.

SlotBlocked.png Grid layout Arrow (small).png
SlotBlocked.png SlotBlocked.png SlotBlocked.png
Planks (Acacia) Planks (Ash) SlotBlocked.png Grid layout Arrow (small).png Crafting Table
Planks (Aspen) Planks (Birch) SlotBlocked.png
SlotBlocked.png SlotBlocked.png SlotBlocked.png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Note: Many of the crafting recipes have special handlers behind the scenes that require that the player uses the inventory crafting grid. Because of this, while crafting a secondary table will give the block, the block cannot be used normally when placed in the world, and is only used for decoration, or as a crafting ingredient in other mod's recipes.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
player Options affecting Steve.
HealthGainCap 3000
Maximum health possible in the game. Players start with a cap of 1000 points of health, meaning that they have that many points when fully healed. The cap can increase as they rise in levels, but cannot go beyond the value set for this option.
HealthGainRate 20
Number of additional health points players gain with each level of experience. Set to 0 to turn off


Build 53Players have 1000 health instead of the vanilla 20.
Water is used for sprinting and goes down on its own very slowly. Upon reaching 50% water the player can no longer sprint. At 25% they get a slow debuff.
Build 56Players gain extra health as they level up.
Players gain extra water reserves as they level up allowing them to sprint for ever longer periods of time.
Build 58When holding food the hunger bar will show a preview of how much of the hunger bar will be restored if the item is eaten.
78.0Making a crafting table will consume the item and expand the player's inventory grid from 2x2 to 3x3. This upgrade is lost and must be re-done on player death.
Added fresh and salt water. Players can only drink from and fill their jugs with fresh water.
Player inventory consists of four tabs: Inventory, Skills, Calendar and Health (currently only displays nutrition).
Food changed to weight-based stack system. Hunger bar represents 24 oz worth of food.
78.17When the player's hunger catches up after sleeping, it drains at half speed and the player will not take damage.
However if the stomach is empty after catching up, the player will be subject to the normal damage rules regarding hunger.
79.0Disabled taking damage when the player is starving. Instead, nutrition levels decrease at 3x normal rate.
Hot Springs regenerate health.
79.11Less than 1/4 full hunger results in weakness and mining fatigue.