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Rock (Andesite)Rock (Basalt)Rock (Chalk)Rock (Chert)Rock (Claystone)Rock (Conglomerate)Rock (Dacite)Rock (Diorite)Rock (Dolomite)Rock (Gabbro)Rock (Gneiss)Rock (Granite)Rock (Limestone)Rock (Marble)Rock (Phyllite)Rock (Quartzite)Rock (Rhyolite)Rock (Rock Salt)Rock (Schist)Rock (Shale)Rock (Slate)

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Rocks can be found on the ground as loose rocks throughout the world, as well as from mining raw stone.


Sedimentary Metamorphic Igneous Intrusive Igneous Extrusive
Chalk¹ Gneiss Diorite Andesite
Chert Marble¹ Gabbro Basalt
Claystone Phyllite Granite Dacite
Conglomerate Quartzite Rhyolite
Dolomite¹ Schist
Limestone¹ Slate
Rock Salt²



Main article: Knapping

Stone tool heads are made by knapping two rocks together. The durability of the resulting tool is dependent on the hardness of the stone used to create it. From softest to hardest: Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous Intrusive, Igneous Extrusive. Note: Not all tools can be made out of stone.


Cobblestone Walls Lever Bricks Cobblestone
Rock Rock Rock Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cobble Wall (Granite)4
Rock Rock Rock
Stick Lever
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Rock (Chalk)
Copper Chisel Chalk Brick
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Rock (Chalk)
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Rock (Chalk) Rock (Chalk) Cobblestone (Chalk)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Rock (Chalk) Rock (Chalk)


Lime can be obtained by heating ¹Flux-Stone rocks in a Ceramic Vessel.


Only Rock Salt rocks can be ground into salt.

Grid Quern.png
Grid layout None (small).png
Rock (Rock Salt) Salt4


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites
Grid Rock (Granite).png
Definitely a rock Pick up a rock None


v1Breaking loose rocks drops flint.
v2 Build 40Added arrow recipe that uses rocks.
Javelin recipe requires rocks instead of flint.
Breaking loose rocks drop rock items.
Added knapping for stone tools, craft two rocks together to open the UI.
Mining raw stone gives rocks. Right-clicking the rock on a surface will place a cobblestone block.
v2 Build 41Updated all cobblestone related recipes to use rocks.
v2 Build 47Harvest loose rocks for a chance to find small pieces of ore.
Build 53Loose rocks vary in size and shape.
Build 76Knapping performed by right clicking with two rocks instead of crafting two together.
Added cobblestone recipe. Rocks no longer place as blocks.
Build 76 Hotfix 7Breaking cobblestone blocks drops the full block instead of loose rocks.
Build 76 Hotfix 8Cobblestone can be crafted back into loose rocks.
77.0Sneak to show advanced tooltips on rocks.
78.0Removed Mudstone and Siltstone.
Added Achievements.
0.79.32Flux is no longer obtained by crushing flux stone rocks with a hammer.
0.82.6Arrow recipe changed to be crafted with stone flakes instead of rocks.


  • If a loose rock is broken via explosion, it drops an invisible loose rock item. Placing this item simply spawns a new loose rock on the ground.


  • Loose rocks share the same texture as the stone of the top layer beneath them.
  • Loose rocks have a chance of spawning a small piece of ore instead of a rock if there is an ore vein nearby.


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