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Barley (Harvest)Barley (Grain)Barley (Flour)DoughBarley (Bread)Barley (Seed)

Seeds: Yes, 64
Others: No




Seeds: Light
Others: Heavy


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Barley can be found growing in the wild between the seasons of Spring and Late Summer, and has a chance to regenerate during those seasons every year. Harvest the plant to obtain barley seeds as well as an average of 14 oz of barley if the crop is mature. Barley requires a minimum temperature of 4℃ to grow, and a minimum temperature of 0℃ to stay alive. Barley is a Nutrient A crop.



Stone_Knife Barley_(Harvest) Barley_(Grain)
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  • Four pieces of Straw will drop as well.


Main article: Food

Once refined into grains, barley can be eaten directly, or turned into bread. Barley dough and flour are inedible. Consuming barley replenishes the grain nutrient category.


Processing barley into bread doubles it's weight, providing more food from each harvest. First, the grains are ground in a quern to produce flour. Next, the flour is hydrated with a bucket of fresh water to produce dough which is double the weight. If the flour weighs more than 80 oz, crafting the dough will leave the flour in the crafting grid, minus the 80 oz used to create a max weight piece of dough. Finally, the dough can be cooked in either are firepit or a forge to produce edible bread.

Flour Dough Bread
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Barley (Grain) Barley (Flour)
Barley_(Flour) Wooden Bucket (Fresh Water) Dough
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Barley (Bread)
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Animal Husbandry

Barley grains can be used to breed Aurochs, Horses, Boars, and Mouflon. Just like the player, animals consume 5 oz of the food's weight each time they are fed.


Main article: Configuration
Option Default
enableCropsDie false
Should ripe crops eventually die if they aren't harvested?


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Onion (Harvest).png
Gatherer Find a wild vegetable None Harvest a wild crop
Grid Quern Base.png
The Grind Use a quern Gatherer Grind something in a quern.


v2 Build 48Added Barley.
Build 53Scythes can be used to harvest barley.
Build 58Added Barley flour, dough and bread.
Barley grain can be broken down into seeds by placing the item into the crafting area.
Build 61Barley can be found growing wildly in patches in newly generated chunks.
Build 76Barley no longer dies from old age by default.
Added a config option 'enableCropsDie'.
77.0Added getting straw from refining barley.
78.0Wild barley respawns every year between the seasons of Spring and Late Summer.
Barley seeds can only be obtained through harvesting crops.