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Addons are modifications of Terrafirmacraft+ that modify or add features, such as new crops, or new crafting recipes. They are created by the community and are not official. Some addons are ported from their Terrafirmacraft Classic equivalents; it is likely that due to changes in the code that the original addons will no longer work.

This page lists all known addons, configuration/script packages that make other mods work, resource packs, and supporting projects, their authors, and, if applicable, their porters from Terrafirmacraft Classic. If an addon is a port, contact the porter instead of the original author for support. Most of the porters can be reached via the TFC+ Discord.

Some features added by addons may already be added to the game; please refer to the List of Changes From TFC for an overview of features that have been added since Terrafirmacraft Classic.

See also Mod Compatibility for the compatibility status of other mods with TFC+.

Warning: Addons, even those created particularly for TFC+, may cause bugs and change features in unexpected ways. If you encounter a bug, remove your addons first. Use addons at your own risk. The TFC+ Subreddit and Discord cannot help you with addons causing bugs or crashes. Contact the addon porter instead.

Current Version
Previous Version (compatible)
Previous Version (incompatible)


These are addons proper. They modify or add features to TFC+.

Name Description URL Source Version Original Author Porter Notes
MerchantsTFC Adds trading posts and player-made currency Link Source  ? Aleksey_t Mabrowning
TFC Wells Adds a well block for extracting water from the ground Link Source  ? Peffern Mabrowning
TFC Cellars Adds cellars to preserve food Link Source  ? Sladki Mabrowning Edit 23/2/2021: Currently updated for the latest version/
TFC+ Cellars Updated Adds cellars to preserve food Link Source 0.85.1 Sladki/Mabrowning Mabmoro/Blatnik Outdated
TFC NEI Addon Not Enough Items support for Terrafirmacraft Link Source 0.89.1 Dries007 Mabrowning, FaceTorched Requires CodeChickenCore and NotEnoughItems
TFC Decorations Placable gems, mortar, and mud bricks, etc Link Source  ? Aleksey_t nuckable, Demmers Original (not recommended)
TerraMisc Long bows, cross bows, soy milk, and other misc additions Link Source  ? Necoxus nuckable, TertFret (out of date)
Cooking with TFC Cooking overhauls for TFC Link Source  ? StrayWolfie nuckable Items from this addon cause crashes with current version (0.85.5)
TFC Tweaks Small bugfixes and tweaks such as OreDictionary fixes for TFC Link Source  ? Dries007 nuckable, Demmers Original (not recommended)
TFC+ Udary Alloy Calculator, drying mats, and ore extraction from unused ore Link Source  ? Bletch1971 N/A Unmaintained by original maintainer. Causes crashes with certain features. Source code available as of November 12, 2020. If you are looking for an alloy calculator, use
Farseek Scala API for Minecraft mods (required for Streams) Link Source  ? delvr Mabrowning
Streams Flowing rivers in Minecraft, specifically updated to work with Terrafirmacraft+. Link Source  ? delvr Mabrowning Requires Farseek. old version incompatible with v.84+, new version untested but the game loads
Leather Water Sac Adds a leather sac that can hold 12 uses of water Link Source  ? Emris Mabrowning Waterskins that were added in update 84.0 fulfill the same purpose
TFCTweaker Adds MineTweaker support to TFC+ Link Source  ? StrayWolfe Awsomekeldeo, FaceTorched
TFC+ Quick Pockets TFC+ Addon that tries to simplify and streamline inventory management - one unnecessary click at a time. It also adds in many missing sounds from newer versions of Minecraft. Link Source 0.87.0 Blatnik N/A Edit 04/9/2021: there is a bug with looped leash breaking sound (disabling it in config couldn't help) and unbreakable rope when it is used on horse or donkey. May crash the game sometimes
TFCPrimitiveTechPlus This mod adds Slinghot and advanced leather and paper processing for use with TerraFirmaCraft+ Link Source  ? Wahazar lfaoanl
TFC-Additions for TFC+ Adds decorative block variants for stone and wood. Link Source  ? raymondbh nuckable, Cubey79 Requires CTMLib
TFC+ Thin Ice A simple addon for TerraFirmaCraft+ that adds dangerous thin ice. Link Source  ? Dinglydell N/A Compatible with Cellars addon
TeloAddon A compatibility and content addon for TFC+. Mainly meant to be used by modpack creators Link Source 0.89.1 FaceTorched N/A Optional dependencies: Immersive Engineering
TFC+ Aesthetics A cosmetic mod which adds a huge variety of new plants and foliage to the TFC+ world gen, including some with custom 3d models. Both generic plant types for filling out the wilderness and many, many specific plants from all over the world. Link Source 0.89.1 FaceTorched N/A All plants spawn in the same regions (continents) and climatic zones (temperature, rainfall, forest cover, etc.) as they grow natively in the real world. Also plan a few decoration blocks to go alongside the plants in the future (though this may be split into its own addon instead).
Ars Magica 2 for TFC+ A work in progress conversion of Ars Magica for TFC+. Features some new spells and changed old spells to work with TFC mechanics. Link Source 0.87.0 Mithion Keyedrin Currently early alpha, all spells, items, and blocks should be obtainable, but certain niche spells do not work. Start off by finding vinteum ore, or hunting mana elementals and mana creepers. Grind the ore in a quern for vinteum dust, and boil the dust in a large ceramic vessel for etherium.
TFC+ Railcraft Compat Railcraft Compat for TFC+ Link Source 0.87.0 vidaj Jerome226 Currently straight a port of the TFC Classic version
TFC+ Bids and Pieces Adds clay crucible, improved fireclay crucible, furnace for glassmaking, mud brick chimney block, metal blowpipe for new glass blowing, drinking glass, shot glass, glass jug, ceramic mug, stone drill, harvesting sedimentary stone by quarrying, rough stone, rough stone bricks and tiles, adze from stone and casted metals, stone and wood carving, peeled logs, log cabin walls, wood piles for wood storage and seasoning, new firepit, kindling, more stick bundles, new drying rack, bark, bark cordage and rope, firewood, chopping block, birch bark bags, cups and shoes, wattle trapdoor, trapping pit, saddle quern, coarse flour, porridge, vertical log walls, plug and feather, charcoal making from firewood, lever and stone press, fluid mixing, clay lamp, aquifer, bucket and rope, wall hooks, large ceramic bowls, welding of anvils, clay cooking pot, steaming mesh, fish oil, goat milk, goat cheese, stuffed pepper, stuffed mushroom, sea beet, beetroot, sugar beet, wild beans, broad beans, suet, tallow, pemmican, axle wall bearing, wooden screw for mechanisms, screw press, bamboo shoots, cooking mixtures, stews, soups, milk porridge, wattle gate, palisade, straw nest, omelet, oh and bits Link Source 0.89.1 bid N/A Currently alpha release, see issues and wiki.
TFC+Engineer This is a minecraft forge mod that adds power machines to TerraFirmaCraftPlus. More information on the TFC forum post It can be used in any modpacks Link Source 0.89.1 DrFair Eternal130 Requires COFH-Core and any mod which can generate RF,such as Immersive Engineering
ElectricityInnovation This is a minecraft forge mod that adds useful tools and power machines to TerraFirmaCraftPlus. Link Source 0.89.1 Eternal130 N/A It can be used in any modpacks. Now there has just one tool which can divide your food precisely, other machines will be added soon. To use steelyard, you need a knife in your inventory.

Resource Packs

Resource packs change sounds, textures, and images in TFC+. They can be used for a different aesthetic for TFC+, and do not add features, thus not being addons on their own right.

Name Description URL Version Original Author Porter
Alternate Default Tweaking certain blocks and items to add variety and consistency, as well as a few changes, but mostly in the default style. Supports some randomized & biome-specific textures via optifine. Link  ? yeahminecraft16 N/A
Vanilla Themed TFC+ JAPPA inspired texture overhaul for TFC+ Link  ? Cubey79 N/A
Upscaled TFC Resource Packs TFC Resource Packs upscaled via the xBRZ algorithim Link  ? nuckable N/A
Pixel Permacraft WIP TFC+ Resource Pack based on XSSheep's Pixel Perfection. Link  ? Keyedrin N/A


Modpacks bundle TFC+ with other mods. They are not addons on their own right.

Name Description URL Original Author Porter
Telomerase Telomerase is a tech modpack that expands and extends the latest version of TFC+ using IE, forestry, Big Reactors, Bibliocraft and more

A wiki subsection dedicated to Telomerase is available here.



FaceTorched N/A
TFC+ Delightful Pack The TFC+ Delightful Pack bundles TFC+ and some addons. It is used for the Delightful TFC+ server. Note: No longer being updated. Link DEMMERS N/A
Baseafirmacraft+ Baseafirmacraft+ bundles TFC+ and some other utility mods that are commonly used with it. This is for ease of installation, without having to install all these mods manually. Link Mount2010 N/A
Itineribus Itineribus is a tech modpack. Using TFCTweaker, it bundles TFC+ with tech mods like the Ships mod, Immersive Engineering, and Railcraft. Link Autreymg N/A


This category includes projects that do not fit in the other categories.

Name Description URL Version Original Author Porter
TFC+ Journeymap Colorpalette & Mob Map Icons Fixes the terrain colors of Journeymap for TFC+, and adds map icons for TFC+ animals. To install extract this .zip into your .minecraft folder, alternatively you may place the colorpallet.json and icon folders into the journeymap folder located in your .minecraft folder. Link  ? Cubey79 N/A
MAtmosOverridesforTFC Condition overrides for using sound atmosphere generator MAtmos with TFC/TFC+. Link  ? RollerMob N/A
TFC Basic Shaders Fixes issues that arise when using Optifine with TFC+. Link  ? Rexhunter99 N/A
TFC+ MyTown2 Protections Adds protections for TFC+ in MyTown2. Link N/A Mount2010 N/A
TFC+ MyTown2 MyPermissions Rehost of dead libraries required for MyTown2 Link N/A Sanguine Sloth (rehost) N/A

Making Addons

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