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This page contains content on features that will be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to the game.

This page lists the planned features for future updates of Terrafirmacraft+. Not all of these features are guaranteed to be included.


  • Animals will be finished, and more exotic animals added.
  • Mobs will be moved underground.
  • On the surface, predators will stand in for them. In every region, there will be at least one or two types of predators.[1][2]
  • There will be spider dens. These will be a source of silk. Silk cloth is intended to be the hardest to get of the cloths.[3]


  • Anvils will have a 2d working surface instead of a line. The goal is to navigate the arrow around a maze. The accuracy of how the player navigates through the maze determines the quality of the product.
  • Depending on the player's smithing skill, some randomness is introduced to the distance and direction they move in.[4][5]
  • Tongs will be required to work with metal. A stone age version of the tong will exist.[6]
  • A new multiblock, the Smeltery, made from mud and a blowpipe, will be used for smelting every non-native metal up to and including iron, and will replace the Bloomery.[7] Native ores such as copper, gold, and silver will still be able to be melted in the pit kiln to obtain ingots. Platinum will not be meltable as the melting temperature is too high. The smeltery will turn non-native ores grains of metal of 1 unit each, which can then be smelted in the pit kiln to cast tools or ingots. Grains will stack up to 128 per stack in the vessel, thus allowing up to 5 ingots at once to be made.[8] A straw fan will be added, which will increase the heat enough for copper smelting, but not for iron smelting.
  • Shields will be added.[9]
  • Armor will be overhauled. New types of armor including gambeson and mail (chainmail), and plate will replace current system, and armor will be more specific in the area of the body it covers.
  • Tools will require grinding/sharpening, and each tool will take a different amount of metal to craft. Sharpening will require a minigame similar to sewing, where the player has to drag an icon along a straight line in a GUI. The accuracy of the player's attempt will determine how well the edge was sharpened.
  • Tools will break in specific failures such as the edge chipping or handle snapping. The likelihood of any failure depends on the tool and material. Depending on the failure the tool may be repairable.
  • Steel items will require quenching/heat treatment.
  • Locks and keys will be added. A locked chest can be picked up with it's items intact, but will not show the items inside.[10]
  • Tool Durability will work on two separate bars: the overall durability of the tool and the condition of the tool. The condition of the tool will go down with use, and as it goes down so will the effectiveness of the tool. The tool can be repaired (such as sharpening), which will take a piece of the durability, but increase the condition of the tool. The amount the condition is increased will depend on how well the tool is resharpened. Ferrous (Wrought Iron, Steel, Black, Blue and Red Steel) tools will slowly lose condition over time to simulate rusting.


The talent system is one of the most complex changes that will be made to Terrafirmacraft+. The talent system will replace the current gating system that uses anvils. [11] [12]

  • Talents will unlock grander and more advanced items and blocks, such as furniture, and more options (practical and aesthetic) for armor, clothing, weapons, and building blocks.
  • Talents will be based on an XP system. XP represents inspiration and how happy a player is with their life.
  • XP gain will be affected by a player's comfort, where XP gain will be lowered with poor comfort and increased with high comfort. This is to represent meeting more critical needs such as warmth, hunger, and rest, before one can innovate. Certain types of clothing will either increase or decrease comfort (silk will be the most comfortable, and straw the least).
  • Drinking alcohol will affect a player's XP, and will grant more XP if done with other players.[13]
  • Talents will be used to gate some advancement, such as making saws or refining an iron bloom.[14] [15]
  • Talents and buffs will be shown in a fifth tab in the inventory.


Cooking is planned to be overhauled. The existing nutrition system will be changed entirely.

  • Players will have 6 tastes in their Food tab representing how satisfied they are with each taste.
  • The planned methods of preparation are roasting, grilling, baking, pan-frying, and boiling.[16]
  • There will be a sort of alchemy or medicine. Real herbs will be avoided. Herbs will have randomized properties, meaning that a player must experiment in order to receive positive effects.[17] Herbs will not be farmable.[18] A list of possible ingredient types was discussed here.
  • Along with the Talent system, the Quern will become a upgrade. The early game equivalent will be to hit grain with a rock.[19]
  • Nutrition will use more realistic categories instead of the current food groups. This will be Nutrients (Vitamins and Minerals), Proteins, and Calories (Fats and Carbohydrates). Each food will fill an amount of all three, the ratio depending on the specific food, instead of adding to only one category.


The carpentry update will introduce the idea of Nails and Hinges.

  • Large Doors will be added, which have a hinge upon which they swing, and a sort of block added to mark parts of the door.
  • Chests and doors will require metal nails and hinges. [20]
  • Windmills and watermills will be added to process grain automatically, and to produce a sort of mechanical power.[21]
  • Canoes will be added, with a new system of paddling. [22]
  • Sailboats will be added.
  • Dedicated furniture will be added. Furniture could include sofas, chairs, armchairs, wardrobes, tables, desks, thrones, shelves, stools, armor stands, straw mats[23], and beds. Furniture will be unlocked with metal.[24][25]
  • Beds will be improved, and be made with a frame, mattress, pillow, and blanket.[26]


The nether is planned to be reintroduced, with the TFC+ design applied to it. This will add an endgame to TFC+, and also provide a justification for the magical properties of black, red and blue steel. There will be four layers of the nether, based off historical views of Hell, which are Death, Decay, Darkness, and Damnation.[27] [28]

  • The first layer, Death, has a lot of gravel, and a type of white tree with no leaves that looks like bones. Skeletons spawn here. The liquid in Death is Stygian water. It causes immense pain and heavy damage when touched.
  • The second layer, Decay, will have soul sand, zombies, and blow flies. Decay has Lethe water, which will wipe all XP levels from the player when touched. Zombies will cause rapid decay to the player's armor or hunger.
  • The third layer, Darkness, has no surface, only caves. Rare ores spawn here, including the base ores for Red and Blue steel. The liquid in the Darkness layer is crude oil. There will be stone golems and wraiths. Stone golems are large, hulking humanoids made of stone. They attack players that try to mine ores. They can only be damaged with a pickaxe. When killed, they drop rare ores and gems. Wraiths will not attack the player in the light. Instead, they will try to put out any torches which are placed.
  • The fourth layer, Damnation, is the most similar to the vanilla Nether. It will have lava. Blazes will spawn here. Red steel will require blaze powder. There will also be a demon-like boss to defeat here once the player is ready.


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