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This is a brief and topically ordered list of info from the TFC+ Changelogs. For a more elaborate description of TFC+ features, see Differences From TFC. Players new to Terrafrirmacraft in general should consider reading Stone-Age Guide instead.


World Generation

New world generation layer: Region. Vast areas (based on real-world Continents) separated by oceans or high mountain ranges. Each region spawns a different variety of Trees, Crops, and Animals.
Two New Biomes: Shore (A transition between Beach and Ocean) and Salt Swamp (Where Swamp and Ocean meet, often spawns Mangrove trees).
Rivers tend to spawn where Biomes meet. Rivers are deeper and wider in areas with high Rainfall.
Hot Springs now only spawn in Mountains and Mountains Edge Biomes.
Most beaches now have Quartzite sand except Tropical beaches, which tend to be Chalk Sand.
Ravines should create fewer pits of death (deep 1x1 holes in the surface).
Thinner Dirt/Gravel layer to reduce collapses of shallow caves.
Dry Grass is less likely to spawn outside of deserts and Horse Latitudes.
Deserts now transition to plains more smoothly and have fewer ponds and lakes.
Clay generates more often, can be found in River and Lakebeds, and is a rare drop when breaking Dirt.
Boulders spawn in a wider range of shapes and sizes.


Trees have thinner trunks and generate branches. Leaves can fall (spawning Leaf Litter) and regrow based on season.
New Trees: Limba, Baobab, Fever Tree, Ginkgo, Bamboo, Teak, Fruitwood, Ebony, Mahogany, Palm, Mangrove.
Leaf Litter generates below trees. Chance to drop sticks, mushrooms, or feathers when broken. Pigs will break it to find food.
Beehives can spawn on trees.
Added Ferns, Moss, and Undergrowth (low, deciduous, and palm versions).
Tree spawns reduced in areas with moderate Rainfall, resulting in more plains and open areas.
Goldenrod flowers have an improved texture
Seaweed and Cattails now generate in clumps
Shrubs now generate in drier areas.
Grass will have color variation when graphics are set to "Fancy".

Climate and Weather

The sun now rises and sets based on the player's latitude. At extreme latitudes, the sun will not rise in winter and will not set in summer. Mob spawning is based on the apparent position of the sun.
Climate differences between areas now transition much more smoothly.
Arctic and Antarctic regions (beyond z= +/-27k) now tend to stay below freezing year-round.
In Polar regions Dirt is replaced with Snow blocks and Gravel is replaced with Packed Ice.
Snow layers on the ground now cover sticks, rocks, and ore nuggets. A small pile of snow shows that there is something beneath.
The dry climate bands (Horse Latitudes) north and south of the equator follow a large sine wave shifting to the north or south up to 2k blocks.
As the player moves deeper underground, the Ambient Temperature approaches the Annual Average Temperature until it reaches it at y=100.


The player is less likely to spawn in Deserts.
Stalagmites and Stalactites are now always made of Limestone.
Coral Reefs can spawn in Chalk Shore Biomes.
Ambient sound effects now play in Jungles, summer Trees, and Rivers.


New Animals

All animals have higher health.
New Animals: Wild Boar, Warthog, and Peccary. These wild variants of domesticated Pigs. Pigs have new models, animations, and behaviors.
New Animals: Mouflon and Bighorn Sheep. These wild variants can be domesticated into Sheep. Sheep have new models, animations, and behaviors.
New Animals: Ibex and Goat. Wild Ibex can be domesticated into Goats, which give milk.
New Animals: Wild Horse, Wild Ass, and Zebra. These are wild variants of Horses and Donkeys. Horses, Donkeys, and Mules have new models, animations, and behaviors.
New Animals: Seastars and Scallops. Spawn underwater in Shore, Ocean, and Salt Swamp Biomes. Can be gathered and farmed for Food.
New Fish: Wahoo (Warm Ocean), Pollock (Cold Ocean), and Trout (Lakes and Rivers). Various short-lived Reef Fish also spawn regularly near coral reefs.


Saddles now includes a bridle and reins. Horse riding is completely reworked.
Donkeys now take Saddle Bags instead of Chests.
Horses will eat Apples and Carrots in addition to Grains
Wild variants of Horses, Cattle, Pigs, and Sheep will fight back if hit by the player. They will only hit the player once, but Boars will continue attacking until the player dies.
Bears only attack if hit or if they are hungry and you have Food.
Bears and Wolves will eat dropped Food.
Bears and Wolves will attempt to flank an armed player instead of running directly at them.
Bears, Wolves, and Deer now drop Furs upon death.
Animals no longer sleep while [Leashed to a player

Crops & Fruit Trees

New Crops

New Food Crops: Agave, Grapes, Black-eyed Pea, Pumpkin, Watermelon,
New Fiber Crops: Cotton, Agave, and Flax.
New Dye Crops: Madder, Woad, and Weld. Used to make liquid Dyes.
New Fruit Trees: Coconut, Date Palm, Papaya, and Fig.


Banana Trees have an updated model.
Palm trees can be climbed. Having a rope in hand allows slow and safe descent.
Wild Crops spawn more frequently and mature crops do not despawn unless killed by low temperatures.
Fruit Trees grow much larger.
Fruit Tree Saplings are now crafted from decayed fruit rather than collected by breaking fruit tree branches.
Beehives pollinate nearby Fruit Trees, increasing yield at harvest time.

Food, Drinks, & Cooking

The player's ideal taste profile for Food now varies for each food group instead of being the same for all foods. Food now also has stronger flavors.
Raw meat is now edible, but comes with a chance of food poisoning. Chance of poisoning increases with Decay.
Red mushrooms are now poisonous when eaten raw.
Raw Foods restore less Hunger and cooked Foods restore more.
Cooking will decrease the weight of a Food based on its water content. Higher degrees of doneness lead to more loss of water weight.
Some Foods restore Thirst when eaten. Ex: Melon, Orange, Peach, and fermented Alcohols.
Meat yield from unskilled butchery increased to 50%.
New Alcohol: Berry Wine.
Drinking water will give the player temporary heat protection
Unbrined food can now be smoked on the Smoke Rack.
New Alcohol: Tequila
Vinegar is now crafted by leaving a Barrel of Fermented Alcohol unsealed.
Salt Water can be boiled to produce Salt or distilled with a Still to make Fresh Water.
New Alcohol: grain wines.
Grains are now malted and cooked to make Beers.
New Juices for each Fruit.
New Alcohols: Mead and Honey Brandy.
Fermented Alcohols now require Yeast in the form of decayed Fruit or Malt.
Snow can now be melted into water in a Large Vessel
Wild Crops no longer die from old age. They can still die from cold temperatures.
New Item: Yeast. Made by leaving fruit or grain in a Food Preparation Area overnight so that it gains the property: "Yeasty".
Grapes can now survive all but the most extreme Cold.
Players can now drink Juices, Milk, and Fermented Alcohols from Ceramic Jugs and Glass Bottles
Juices, Milk, and fermented Alcohols now restore Hunger (based on caloric value) and Nutrition (fruit for fruit Juices and Cider, veg for Agave Juice, grain for Beers, and dairy for Milk) in addition to Thirst
A full Ceramic Jug (1,000 mB or 1 Liter) of water now fills 1/3 of the player's daily water needs (~3 liters/day)

Watermelon slices restore Thirst as well as Hunger.

Ceramic Jugs and Glass Bottles filled with any liquid can now be placed on the ground

Ores, Minerals, and Powders

Two new ores, Chalcopyrite and Chalcocite, which are copper ores.
Gypsum can now be made into Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris can be applied onto certain blocks with a Trowel. This will make them waterproof and fireproof, and give them a white texture. Plaster of Paris can also be used to make Casts.
Flux is now made by heating fluxstone or seashells, or grinding Borax in a Quern.
Added Ammonium Chloride in the form of Salammoniac around lava pools. Ammonium Chloride can be crafted into Flux or, when a cotton boll is soaked with its liquid form, can be used to apply a green patina to roofs.
New powder: Lime. Replaces Flux for most uses. Can be directly crafted into Flux for metalworking. Crafted by heating Flux Stones or Seashells.
New powder: Soda Ash. Crafted by heating Sea Weed. Used in Glassworking
New Powder: Soda Ash. Obtained by burning Seaweed. Used in Glassworking
New Powder: Salammoniac. Spawns near Lava fissures. Add to water to make Ammonium Chloride, which can be applied to Copper Roof blocks with a Cotton Boll to give them a green patina.
New Ores: Chalcocite and Chalcopyrite. Both are Copper ores. A Copper Ore can now be found in all rock types.
New Powder: Plaster Powder. Crafted by heating Gypsum. Add to water to create Plaster of Paris.
Coal and Charcoal now Burn 300° cooler
Some Sand now has the property "Silica Sand" and can be used in Glassworking.
Vessels of solidified Metal can now be melted in a Forge

Tools & Weapons

New tool: Ceramic Blowpipe. Used to blow Glass Bottles. Also functions as a less effective Bellows.
New tool: Ceramic Sheet Mold. Used to cast Glass Panes from Molten Glass or Metal Sheets from castable metals.
Weapons and tools that deal damage now have an Attack Speed. A red dot will display on the crosshair when the weapon or tool is in cool-down.
Crucible loses heat based on the material that it melts instead of a set % for each item that it melts.
Fishing Rod recipe and usage has been substantially overhauled. Crafting now requires a Bone Needle.
Glass Bottles can now be filled with Fresh Water.
New Weapon: Composite Bow. Higher damage and speed than normal bow. Requires Horn Strips and Slime Balls to craft.
Arrow recipe now requires Fletchings and Stone Flakes instead of Feathers and Rocks. It is also now craftable in the stone age.
New Tool: Ceramic Bucket - A stone-age bucket
Fishing Rod now craftable in the stone age. Custom rendering for fishing rods
New Weapon: Wooden Spear. A weaker version of the Javelin. No knapping required. Crafted from a pole and a knife. Used to craft Teepees.
New Weapon: Wooden Staff, crafted from Resin and a Pole. Increases movement Speed. Aids movement when suffering Fracture Wounds.
New Tool: Bow Firestarter. More durability and twice the effectiveness of a Firestarter.
New Tool: Bone Needle and Iron Needle. Used for Sewing and as a hook for the Fishing Rod.
Alloys are allowed to be components of themselves, so a bronze item can be added to a Crucible containing molten bronze without resulting in "unknown alloy".​​​​​​
Knife now has a tool mode to switch between piercing and slashing damage. It will render differently in the hand in different modes.
Javelins and Wooden Spears render larger and rest on the ground when the player is standing still.
New Tools: Bags made of Rawhide or Leather. Portable storage with 6 inventory slots. Craftable in the stone age.
New Tool: Trowel. Used to apply plaster to blocks or to apply Mortar to Roads.
New Weapon: Composite Bow.
New version of the Loom for the stone age. Cloth is no longer locked behind Metal.
Torches can now set nearby blocks on fire. Candles are a safe alternative.
New Tool: Stone Hopper. Can be used to Press Olive Oil and Fruit Juices or to collect Pitch from Charcoal Pits.
Fire from Pit Kiln can spread to Leaf Litter.
Iron Hoppers now have vanilla hopper mechanics enabled.
Torch now crafted from Straw + Stick + Resin or, alternatively, Stick + Pitch.
Jack-o-Lanterns are dimmer than Candles, but don't go out in the rain. They last 1.5x the Torch lifespan before burning out.
New Container: Waterskin. Crafted from a Leather Bag, Pitch, and a Horn Tip. Allows partial consumption of contents if Thirst would be filled by less than a full Container.

Items, Blocks, & Structures

New item: Sinew. Drops from animals. Can be an early source of String for some applications.
New item: Seashell. Comes in Conch and Scallop variants. Can be found on Beaches or collected from Scallops. Can be heated to make Lime.
New items: Clothing. Hats, shirts, pants, socks, boots and sandals, robes, coats, and a Grass cloak. Clothing affects the player's Body Temperature and provides light Armor.
New items: Grass Basket and Burlap Sack. The Grass Basket is a stone-age Chest. The Burlap Sack slows Decay of non-grain Foods in place of the Ceramic Vessel.
New Items: Bone Flute, Drums, Lyre, Bugle, Blowing Horn, and Conch. These instruments can all be used to create music.
New Item: Horn. Drops from Bulls and used to craft the Blowing Horn, Horn Strips for use in the Composite Bow recipe, and Horn Tip for use in Waterskin recipe.
New Items: Clay Tiles and Ceramic Tiles used to create the Ceramic Tile Roof
New Items: Mud and Mud Bricks. Mud is crafted from water, dirt, and straw, formed into bricks, and dried in the sun.
New Item: Pole. Drops from Tree branches or crafted from a log and knife. Used for crafting Javelin, Wooden Spear, Fishing Rod, Unstrung Bow, Wooden Staff, Wicker, or Sticks.
New Blocks: Ceramic Tile Roof, Slate Roof, Copper Roof, and Thatch Roof. Provide Body Temperature bonuses to players below them. Various angles, and Copper Roof can be given a green patina.
New Block: Mudbrick. Stone-age building block made from dried Mud Bricks.
New Block: Chimney. A stone brick block that allows sky access for Firepits and Forges. Required to build the Kiln.
New Structure: Kiln. A multi-block structure for firing up to 32 clay pottery items at once. Uses no Straw.
New Structure: Teepee. Constructed from Wooden Spears and Furs or Raw Hides. Allows the player to sleep without setting spawn point. Protects from Rain and buff Body Temperature.
New Block: Wattle. Crafted from 4 sticks. A simple stone-age fence. Can also be made into a stone-age Door by crafting with Poles.
New Block: Wattle and Daub. Crafted by applying Mud to Wattle fences.
New Block: Plastered Block. Made by applying Plaster of Paris with a Trowel to wooden Planks, or various Stone and brick blocks. Plastered blocks are fireproof.
Smooth Marble Walls will now render like a pillar when placed above or below smooth marble blocks.
New Items: Cotton Yarn, Cotton Cloth, Sisal Fiber
New Item: Cloth Patch. Sewn onto Clothing to repair damage.
New Block: Stacked Logs. Building block crafted from four small Logs. Can be used for scraping Soaked Hides.
New Item: Horn Strips. Crafted from Blowing Horn used to craft Composite Bow.
New Item: Slimeballs. Crafted by boiling small Raw Hides in a Large Vessel of water. Used to craft Composite Bow and Sticky Pistons.
New Block: Clay Bricks
New Block: Large Bricks block. Crafted with Smooth Stone and Mortar.
New Item: Resin. Collected from Tree trunks with a Knife. Used to craft Torch, Wooden Staff, and can be boiled into Pitch.
New Items: Splint, Cast, Primitive Bandage, and Sterile Bandage used to treat Wounds and recover HP.
New Item: Bundle of Sticks. Compact Stick storage, Fuel, and used in crafting Rope Ladder.
New Block: Roads. Give movement Speed bonus. Dirt or stone versions in both full and half-block heights.
New Item: Rope Ladder. Can be placed from a ledge and extended downward even if there are no solid blocks nearby.
New Item: Candle Holder. Extends the burn-out time of Candles. Made of brass, silver, sterling silver, rose gold, and gold.
Rope is now crafted by right-clicking the ground with 5 Flax, Jute, or Sisal Fibers in hand.
New Fluid: Pitch. Collected from boiling Resin or drained from Charcoal Pits with Stone Hoppers. Used to craft the Coracle, Waterskin, and Torch.
New Item: Coracle. A primitive boat crafted from woven Wicker sealed with Pitch. Requires a Paddle to move.
New Item: Wicker. Crafted with an Axe and a Pole. Used to weave the Coracle.
New Item: Paddle. Crafted from a Pole and Log. Used to propel the Coracle.
New Items: Coconut Fruit, Coconut, Coconut Meat, Coconut Shell, Fig
New Drinks: Fig Juice, Fig Wine, Fig Brandy.
New Item: generic Bowl crafted from Coconut Shell. Unbreakable. Can be used for Salads and Honey.
New Structures: Wicker Teepee and Fur Teepee

Pumpkin Shells can be crafted with a Candle to make a Jack-o-Lantern.


4 new Armor slots on the player GUI. Head, chest, legs, and feet now have inner and outer layer.
Snow slows the player's walking Speed unless they are wearing Fur Boots.
Sprinting or drawing a Bow now depletes Hunger and Thirst.


New mechanic: Sewing. Used to craft various Clothing, Bags, and Saddles from Cloth, Fur, Rawhide, or Leather.
New mechanic: Clothing Dyeing. Items soak in Barrels of liquid Dye and absorb it over time.
New mechanic: Body Temperature. Gives various penalties when the player is too hot or cold. Clothing, wetness, sun exposure, drinking water, and proximity to Firepits, Forges, or Lava are all taken into account.
New Mechanic: Regional Crafting variants. The Straw Hat recipe returns a special variant when crafted in the Asia region. Other regional variant recipes are planned.
New Mechanic: Reach. All items and weapons now have a reach modifier.
New Mechanic: Glassworking. Silica Sand, Lime, and Soda Ash or Wood Ash can be smelted into Molten Glass, which is used to craft Glass Panes, Glass Blocks, and Glass Bottles. Glass items can be recycled into molten glass.
New Mechanic: Celestial Angle. Sunrise and sunset times are based on season and the player's latitude. 24-hour days or nights are possible in polar regions. Monsters will spawn accordingly.
New Mechanic: Boiling. Large Ceramic Vessels can be shift-right clicked on top of a Firepit to place it on top. This allows boiling of water and distillation of Alcohol.
New Mechanic: Wounds. The player can gain new status effects when taking damage: Fractures, Broken bones, Bleeding, Cuts.
New Mechanic: Distillation.
New Mechanic: Beekeeping. Wild beehives can be looted for Fertile combs which are placed in a basket hive to produce honey and Wax.
New Mechanic: Disembarking. Right-clicking on wood planks while in a boat snaps you onto the planks without risk of getting the player or their clothes wet.
New Mechanic: Buoyancy. Players now float toward the surface of water unless wearing Armor. The more Armor the player wears, the faster they sink and the more slowly they swim upward. An empty sealed Barrel can be worn on the back as a flotation device.
Changed Swimming Mechanic. Players will naturally tread water. Dive and ascend by looking up or down while swimming forward.
New Fishing mechanic: durability is removed/added depending on how much line you have out; overcasting causes you to lose your line and Hook; right-click while casting to lock line; if line snaps while a Fish is attached, you lose the Hook and 1/2 the line that was out; switching to different item with line out cuts the line at the pole, losing the Hook and all line that was out.
Changes to Horse riding mechanic: Sprinting is now enabled when riding Horses
Items now heat or cool faster the greater the difference between their temperature and the temperature of their surroundings.
Beds now reduce the amount of Hunger and Thirst used during the night -some beds more than others.
Changed Horse movement mechanics
Changed how Food temperature works
Added a way to Cook Food in an Oven


Straw can be knapped to weave simple grass Clothing and Containers.
non-armor Footwear gives Speed bonuses
Holding a compass will show the name of the current Region in the HUD
Large Ceramic Vessels no longer render upside down on the player when in the back slot.
The old Thatch Block (crafted from 4 straw) has been renamed to Straw Block
Armor Stands properly show Armor and Clothing.
Ropes can be made with Sisal Fiber or Flax Fiber in addition to Jute Fibers.
Sticks can be used as Fuel.
Armor now takes durability damage equal to 1/10th (instead of 100%) of the damage it blocks.
The Drying Rack can be used to dry Clothing in clear weather.
Alternate Torch recipe: add Stick to Barrel of Pitch
Quartz-based Gems (Amethyst, Agate, Jasper, and Opal of normal or better quality) are used in place of Nether Quartz to craft the Redstone Comparator.
Stone Hoe Heads and Clay Bowls can be Knapped in pairs like the stone knife.
fixed unsmithable Anvil plan recipes where target pointer was too far off center to be reached by required hits/shrinks
Javelins render differently when sitting, walking, or sprinting on a Horse. The angle of the item becomes more horizontal at higher Speeds.
The Bow can now fire Arrows from horseback
Charcoal Pits give Charcoal based on ~x% chance per log
Creepers now go to sleep in daylight