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Translation of Terrafirmacraft+ into other languages is possible. It can be done through the use and modification of lang files.

.lang File

.lang files are text files that specify the translations for all the text in the game. They can be found within the mod's .jar file. There is one .lang file for each language, which is named according to the language code which it translates the game to. For example, en_US specifies the localization for American English.

To extract the .lang file, open the mod's .jar file with an archive extraction program, such as WinRar or WinZip. The .lang files can be found within the "/assets/terrafirmacraftplus/lang" folder. The .lang file for the language you intend to translate can then be extracted.

Format of the .lang file

The .lang file is a list of all the text in the game, and is split into multiple categories of texts. The translation of these texts is specified after the equals sign. For example, gui.Date=椰棗 means that the Date Palm's translation in Traditional Chinese is "椰棗".

Comments can be specified by adding a # before the comment.


A text editor such as Notepad++ is needed to edit, and therefore translate, the entries within the lang files.

If the mod has already been translated to a particular language, but the translation has to be updated, extract the relevant .lang file from the Terrafirmacraft Classic .jar (opening the .jar as if it was a .zip), and add the new, missing entries in the localization. These entries can be found within the English .lang file.

If the mod has never been translated to a particular language, a new .lang file can be created by copying one of the English .lang files (for example, en_US), and renaming it to the language code of the intended language (for example, it_IT for Italian, and es_ES for Spanish). Once the .lang file has been created, the different entries can then be translated.

Once the translation is finished, the .lang file can be submitted to the developer for inclusion in the game.


Submissions should be done on the TFC+ Discord. The developer should be told about new or updated translations when they are submitted. Translations have to be reviewed by two other speakers of the language before the developer will approve them. Approval can be done by adding a comment line (starting with #), with the username of the person who is approving the translation.

Language Status

Below are the translations that have been updated for Terrafirmacraft+ from their Terrafirmacraft Classic originals.

This table documents the translations that have been updated to Terrafirmacraft+ from their Terrafirmacraft Classic translations. Terrafirmacraft Classic translations do not translate the text added to the game by Terrafirmacraft+.

Language Code Language Translators Approvals
ja_JP Japanese 日本語 Sakakiasa, いわし_(Sardine) いわし_(Sardine)
zh_TW Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 Sakakiasa Mount2010
ru_RU Russian русский Muurr Foundation Jelly, Nirokam
zh_CN Simplified Chinese 简体中文 Hanlie Mount2010, Sakakiasa